Bears vs. Titans: Three Things to Watch on Defense

Grant Halverson

Three things to watch from the Titans defense as they take on the Bears this Sunday.

Michael Griffin -

Griffin had his biggest game in a long time against the Colts last week, and I'm extremely interested to see if the confidence that he built up afterwards will transition into more productive play.

Griff (along with Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray) have been the punching bag for not only MCM but mostly anyone who follows the Tennessee Titans. The fact that he was given such a lucrative deal in the offseason has many of us scratching our heads but could this be the start of Griffin having a mid-season turn around in typical Jared Cook fashion? I surely hope so. We need some stability at the safety position because we have had a revolving door of safeties at the strong position due to the fact that Jerry Gray hates Jordan Babineaux. As long as we are going to keep Griff in because he received "big money" this offseason, we need to see similar production going forward. Time will tell...

Colin McCarthy -

McCarthy will play in consecutive weeks- that's not something we are used to seeing this year. The guy improves this defense even when hobbled and should be a factor this week as well.

Matt Forte is a great back and we need all guns firing to try and limit him as much as humanly possible. We cannot allow the Bears to run the ball down our throats like the Colts did last week in OT. McCarthy could help remedy this, and the fact that he's playing and not in a boot this week is a positive sign that he getting healthier, right?

Brandon Marshall -

Spoiler alert!

Brandon Marshall is going to have at least one touchdown against our pitiful defense come Sunday. I don't know what the plan is but Tennessee has to find a way to limit this guy or else he's going to have a huge game.

Cutler (August West's love interest) has over 150 completions this season and 50 of them have been to Marshall. Cutler and Marshall have their own secret romance dating back to their days in Denver (sorry August) and it has transitioned well now that they are both in Chicago.

Side Note -

This may very well be the most balanced team we have played all season long, and it will be a huge test for a defense that has done nothing to stop anyone (outside of Indy) from dropping 30+ points on them every week.

Bang Cutler around, make him feel uncomfortable and make him feel the pressure of performing well in front of his hometown crowd, and we could see the shaky hot headed Jay Cutler who throws 3-6 interceptions in a game.

The Bears are past due for a bad game and the Titans could be in for another upset. We have played well against teams I personally thought we had no business competing with this season.

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