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In recent weeks, despite the amount of evidence and stats brought forward, people still choose to blame our O-line for everything under the sun. Chris Johnson's early struggles, Matt Hasselbeck downward play, etc. Calling into question the coaching staff and if they were not up to the task of coaching their own Pro-positions. Finally the team is getting some overdue recognition. We've been riddled with injures throughout the O-line and players have stepped into place without missing much of a beat. Fernando Velasco has been a pleasant surprise and is currently rated as a Top 10 center in the league.

As posted on PFF Focus (real stats site):

10. Tennessee Titans

PB = 10th, RB = 6th and PEN = 23rd

What a difference a few games can make. It’s no surprise that Chris Johnson has run for more yards with the way his line has been blocking. They got on the same page and boy does it show. A special mention in this regard for Fernando Velasco, who has really come on. The tackles remain stalwarts in protection.

So for anyone who is still complaining about our O-line and how horrible they are. Shut up. Please, just shut up. Stop with blanketed gripe you heard early in the season, watch the games, read a bit, and shut up.


Even better Linkage compliments of Jommy: OLR Week 10 Revenge of the Titans

Through 2012 so far, the Miami Dolphins front 7 has been consistently good, allowing just 94.2 rushing YPG (5th in NFL), 4 rushing TDs (6th in NFL), and also registering 24 sacks (12th in NFL). Despite their defensive backfield being poor at best, these stats grade the Dolphins front 7 out as #1 in the NFL. When you take that into consideration, the 177 rushing yards on 37 attempts (4.8YPC) that the Titans achieved this week looks all the more impressive. They were also able to protect against the pass rush. Cameron Wake managed to get to Jake Locker once in the game, to continue his consecutive games with a sack streak, but this was the only time in the whole 60 minutes that Locker was downed in the backfield by the Dolphins D. Combine these numbers with 10 rushing first down in the game, and only 3 carries for negative yards, and the Titans OL can certainly claim to have had a good day at the office. Even without the strength of the Miami D taken into account the Titans would have had the second highest non-adjusted OLR of the week (behind only the Cincinatti Bengals), so it is without question that I have to give the #1 crown to Tennessee this week.

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