Who's to Blame?: A look into potential reasons why we are in this predicament

With our beloved Titans falling to 1-4 we are not necessary surprised of our record. With the Season beginning with the Patriots, Chargers, Lions, Texans and (by the way they have played so far) Vikings. Our season schedule was not likely good for a strong start… WE ALL KNEW THAT! However, it’s the matter of how all of those games played out… HORRIBLY!!! So with a short week, we are left to pray that we won’t see another poor outing for the second time in 5 days. So after reading Jimmy Morris’ article “Will The Titans Win Another Game This Season”, I scrolled through the comments to see what my fellow Titans fans have to say. Side note, I am the only Titans fan I know, so here is a way for me to voice my opinion to fellow fans. We all have various opinions and a plethora of facts in those 800 comments. So back to the question, Whose Fault is it???

The Players: O-line

Our pass blocking is good but our run blocking is atrocious. We all see this and it isn’t completely CJ’s fault. Somehow, they showed signs of life against Houston (of all teams). They need to step it up, Stewart and Harris need to get their selves together and stop these costly boneheaded penalties.


He doesn’t deserve all the blame and neither does the OLine, but this man is visibly hesitant every time he is supposed to going between the tackles. Maybe him mindless dancing in place is the main reason for his ineffectiveness…. Maybe it isn’t. I have seen him get hit a lot of times before the line of scrimmage. I have no further comments on his performance and only 1 game to reference as a bright spot in how long. I still feel as if teams dare us to throw and contain CJ, we need another playmaker in the receiving core…. Hopefully Britt can return to be that guy. Also CJ keeps coming out and speaking against the OLINE. Please just keep your mouth shut in the media, your still getting your money and things are already bad enough.


Here we go again…. Just like last year we don’t have any pressure. In my point of view, the best pressure can make terrible secondary look elite. No pressure could make the top secondaries in the NFL into a group of scrubs that will be dissected all day long. We need to get to the QB, Plain and Simple!


Still don’t get why we had Babs on the bench initially and not a huge fan of Griffin extension. See Dline for more info

The Coaches- Munch

His team looks unmotivated and as the article mentioned, he is still working with that late formed patchwork staff. However he and Bruce are Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman… how is OLINE such a weakness. If the locker room turns… he will need to go! However, he needs vets to step up as leaders. We have not had one vocal leader since the Bullock and KVB days.


We expected a high powered offense this year, and in result we have been nothing short of anemic. This is a man who supposedly was said to be creating all these new and exciting plays with ways to get more guys involved. What happened to that? I personally feel like we have run a simple vanilla offense since the preseason. If there are truly a locker room of doubters for Palmer, his time will soon run out….If Bud and the management don’t get rid of him first.


We need a playmaker, have the youth and the pieces… but quickly think who teams are game planning to avoid. Times up! Well who do you have? Chances are many of you think of completely different players. All good teams have their stars; this explains why our defense can’t stop anyone! Jared Allen still manages to defeat two linemen while Robinson or any opposite end defeats one on one. Think of when Big Al dominated an OLINE. KVB and company took complete advantage of the one-on-one matchups. When Al was hurt or when he left us, the pressure went away. We have some potential in our line backing core and corner positions plus Casey up front, but they still need seasoning. Whether or not it is truly his fault, this is virtually the same defense as last year and will be the first on the chopping block.


Great job so far… only person on here who deserves my praise!!!

Management- Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Former GM, Mike Reinfeldt

So this is the man who we just gave an extension to and promoted. He has been the architect for this team for years. We saw these issues coming for a few years now (aging interior line and lack of talent, digression turned evaporation of pressure, etc.) As some of you mentioned no Offensive Lineman drafter the last few years before the 4th round. Yes, his HC decision was forced to be made late and his staff even later but that goes hand in hand with Bud’s section. He had no chance at any of his A, B, C, or even D options, buy the time we lost Fisher and promoted Munch, these assistants and coordinators were long gone. Yes, he's done some good in getting certain pieces, but plenty of things were ignored for too long… and we are stuck to see its consequences.

GM Ruston Webster

The one person I really can’t blame. Reinfeldt had still power this year, as it would seem, just not the title. Plus, this man’s free agency was cut short of time and of potential funds.

Ownership- Bud ADAMS

As much as I love Bud, he really didn’t help us by forcing his hand to enter us into the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. We had the money to go after numerous pieces to fix or obvious problems, but Peyton had become our sole priority. Not only did we lose Peyton, we lost Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to Buffalo (I believe the 2 have 2.5 sacks combined… so far we lucked out), our own Cortland Finnegan to Fisher of all people, and more. We really just kept our own players and added a Mid 30s Steve Hutchinson. Personally, but takes the blame for this year’s lack of action, but is that the only reason we are bad this year? Or has this been a long time coming?

Who do you see as the main reason for our issues? Honestly I see so many reasons; it’s hard to not blame everyone. With the Steelers coming to town this week… we could be in for another long game.

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