Week 7: Predictions From The Contributors

I love me some ATV - Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE

MCM predicts Titans/Bills

Week 7 style. Thebregg brought us the W last week. This week all I have thought about is how much I miss those early Titan teams. I had a really hard time watching Wednesday night, but if you call yourself a Titan fan and haven't watched it: do. it. now.

On to the picks:

Big Tuna (3-3)

I like this match-up for the Titans for some reason. The offense showed some life last week, and that gives me faith that they might be able to win a shoot out in Buffalo.

Titans 31 - Bills 28

GoldenGrams (3-3)

Last Thursday night was as good as I have felt in LP Field since I don't remember when. I think it's time for a winning streak. The Bills suck ass at defending the run and Chris Johnson showed he can still run hard last week. A + B = Bills catchin' an ass-whoopin'.

Titans 28 - Bills 13

SuperHorn (2-4)

Shootout. Kenny Britt will dominate this game for 2, maybe 3 TDs. Titans win, but the defense continues to struggle.

Titans 37 - Bills 31

Drummer (2-4)

The mediocre Bills scare me. They are inconsistent. Ryan Fitz has good and bad games. I think he will put up a lot of points... For both teams. Fitzpatrick is the factor in this game.

Titans 41 - Bills 34

Daniel North Of The Border (2-4)

Does anyone know what Titans team will show up Sunday? I thought the Titans had a great shot at winning this game with Locker starting, but with Hasselbeck in there instead I'm pretty nervous. Once again I think this game will come down to if our offense can keep up with the opponent's. The Bills are only averaging about 4 points a game more than us, but they should not be underestimated. Will Hass be able to keep our offense on track? I just can't shake the feeling that Hass is going to hit one of those rough patches we've seen this year.

Bills 27 - Titans 21

HawkJonne (0-3)

It's been FOREVER since i've felt confident going into a game. But this Sunday i expect a solid victory for Munch and co as they take on the snake-bitten Buffalo Bills. The biggest worries i have going into Sunday is weather our offensive line can keep Mario Williams at bay. Though he may not be setting the league on fire, we all know not to underestimate the guy. Second, if our defense can control the line of scrimmage contain Buffalo's running game. C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson will be rotating every 2 series which will keep our front four on their heels. We must be dominant at the point of attack. I predict neither back runs for more than 50 yards and Mike Martin nabs himself another sack against a player more overpaid than CJ, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Chris Johnson will be the focal point in out victory as he runs for 110 yards a touchdown.

Titans 27 - Bills 10


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