How Thursdays Win Could Mean Playoffs

Now before I start this article I would like to officially *Knock On Wood*...... OK now lets go!

This week could not have been more perfect for the Titans in terms of playoff contention. I know that the season is young, but with the Titans being on the outside of the bubble in recent years one can't help but look ahead. If not an obvious enough statement: The win against the Steelers was HUGE. Not only did we get a much needed (and what someone would call a must) win on the day, but we now own a head to head matchup in case of a tie breaker situation.

Now lets look at some other key match-ups this week that went in our favor:

Jets over Indi-While Indi was never a serious threat, it is nice to see them get totally demolished by a team that has an abysmal offense.

Cleveland over Cinci- I have personally never considered Cinci a playoff threat, but after they were able to rally behind a rookie QB and WR last season and beat up on some pretty bad teams it is good to see them finally come down to earth. They are not as good as advertised (Not saying we are either at this point), and were very exposed today by a not so good Browns team.

Atl over Oak-You never know. That being said, its always beneficial for a team in the same conference to lose regardless of threat level.

Mia over St. Louis- SCREW YOU JEFF FISHER. Not helpful, just wanted to vent.

Seattle over NE-Very important game here as New England will without a doubt be fighting for the division or wildcard at the end of the season. We won't have the tie break obviously, so the more losses they suffer through the better.

With the games today we now stand 1 game behind all wildcard positions if the season were to end today. After a horrible 1-4 start I think most can agree that we were throwing in at least 1/2 of the towel for this season. I do believe that if any team can turn their season around it is the one in Nashville Tennessee. Our schedule is very winnable from here on out and our team is finally returning to full health. If Jerry Gray can get his act together and at least glimpses of the pro-bowl Griffin (Maybe wishing for too much here, but call me mr. optimistic) appear we should be able to at least be in contention for a playoff spot come weeks 16-17.



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