My First Mock Draft

1. Colts - QB Andrew Luck (Self-explanatory)

2. Rams - WR Justin Blackmon (I think Fisher understands that surrounding Bradford with weapons will go a long way to help him succeed; he will also give his current young tackles - Smith and Saffold - one more year to grow)

3. Vikings - OT Matt Kalil (Need a blind side protector badly to help out young Ponder)

*Note: The 2nd and 3rd selections can easily be reversed depending on who the Rams pick, which will be either Blackmon or Kalil

4. Browns - QB Robert Griffin III (His upside and talent is huge and I think it is finally time for the Browns to give up on the McCoy project)

5. Bucs - CB Morris Claiborne (The Bucs have regressed badly in their defense and so it is time for them to upgrade their secondary)

6. Redskins - CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Hard to gauge what the Redskins will take, as their needs would cause them to reach on players, so they go with a solid player to improve their defense)

*Note: I honestly believe that the Redskins will try their hardest to trade up and get Griffin III, as they need a QB REALLY badly, and are really a QB away from being an above average team. If they don't end up getting Griffin, I think that another possibility would be to trade back, acquiring some draft picks in an effort to get Tannehill. Again the Redskins are probably the most QB desperate team in the league right now.

7. Jags - WR Alshon Jeffery (I am not huge fan of this pick, as I am not the biggest fan of Jeffery due to his separation issues, but there are some teams out there who will fall in love with his talents, especially the Jags, who will fill a huge need)

*Note: If the Redskins pass up on Kirkpatrick, the Jags may draft him, but due to the Jags new HC being an offensive mind, I think surrounding Sunshine with talent at WR would be the best route to go.

8. Dolphins - OT Riley Reiff (This is the other team that may consider trading up to get Griffin, but I think that ultimately they will draft Reiff in an effort to improve their horrid RT play this year)

*Note: I am in belief that the Dolphins WILL end up looking to obtain Flynn in the offseason and will probably trade a second rounder for him.

9. Panthers - DT Devon Still (Fills a need and it's time for Panthers to upgrade the defense)

10. Bills - OLB Courtney Upshaw (I have a few Bills fans here in Toronto, and they have told me that they need a pass rusher badly)

11. Chiefs - OT Jonathan Martin (A combination of need and BPA)

12. Seahawks - DE Whitney Mercilius (Seahawks need help along the d-line and Mercilius has played himself up the draft boards - other players at same position would include Coples and Ingram)

13. Cardinals - DE Melvin Ingram (I am not too sure about this pick, could go with ILB too - just not certain with this team, so I picked them pass rush as you can't have enough of that in the league)

14. Cowboys - OG David DeCastro (here goes my favourite pick of the draft and it fills a need for the Cowgirls)

15. Eagles - ILB Luke Kuechly (Easy - Eagles need LB help badly)

16. Jets - WR Michael Floyd (Need help with 2 things - pass rush and receiver; I think he goes with receiver as the Jets Defense is at least playing above average; however, I do believe that Ryan may go back to his old ways and booster up his stingy defense by drafting a threatening pass rusher)

17. Bengals (via Raiders) - RB Trent Richardson (Finally, here goes the talented RB)

18. Chargers - DE Nick Perry (He shot up draft boards after his effective year)

19. Bears - WR Kendall Wright (I wish we could get a shot at him, as he is really talented, but the Bears need to help Cutler out)

20. Titans - SS Mark Barron (Here is what all you guys were probably looking towards and again this fills a need at safety and is filling a need for Munchak and Gray - a playmaking defender)

*Note: I could've gone at pass rush, but Coples didn't impress me this year and there are really no other pass rushers talented to go at this point of the draft. I also thought about OG (with Glenn) and C (with Ponz) but I don't think Titans spend a first rounder on o-lineman.

21. Bengals - CB Janoris Jenkins (One of the most talented CB with off-field issues)

22. Browns (via Falcons) - DE Quinton Coples (A team will finally take the risk with Coples who didn't have a great statistical year in 2011)

23. Lions - C Peter Konz (It's time for Raiola to leave.)

24. Steelers - OG Cordy Glenn (Need to protect Big Ben and can't risk him being injured like how he did this year)

25. Broncos - TE Dwayne Allen (A talented TE who can do it all at the position)

26. Texans - WR Mohammed Sanu (Jacoby Jones' performance today warrants this pick)

27. Patriots (via Saints) - DT Jerel Worthy (Pats bolster up that d-line)

28. Packers - RB Lamar Miller (I think GB finally gets a talented RB after all these years)

Here it is, lemme know your thoughts. I didn't bother filling out the last 4 picks as their order hasn't been decided and I had to finish some school stuff, so I got a bit lazy.

Also, here are my predictions as to where the Titans go with the rest of their picks.

2nd round - DE Vinny Curry - Speed Rusher will help improve the bad pass rush

3rd round - C Michael Brewster - Upgrade the interior o-lineman (Could also look at other OGs here)

4th round - WR Jeff Fuller - Talented guy but just has injury issues.

5th round - OLB Danny Trevathan - A talented linebacker from Kentucky who I have heard a lot about and will improve our run defense and add the instensity and playmaking skills we are looking for from our defenders.

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