OK I've seriously had it with Jeff Fisher - The Coaching Saga that should have nothing to do with the Titans

Just when you thought we could all get back to our petty lives now the best mustache since Magnum PI had found a new team to lead to an 8-8 record, Jason Cole from Yahoo comes along and kicks us in the balls. I think the article started out trying to kick the Dolphins in the balls, but since they have none this made the process hard so Cole had to decide what to do. He could leave the Titans out of this since this really has nothing to do with the Titans anyway or he could succumb to the fervor of the media's new mustache based religion and rewrite history to make Jeff Fisher seem like the misunderstood second coming of Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll, and the Hoodie all in one. Guess what he decided? Here's the link...

Let the BS parade begin...

"After 17 years of struggling with the penurious ways ofTennessee Titans owner “Bottom Line” Bud Adams and his henchmen (Floyd Reese and Mike Reinfeldt), Fisher knew that if he was going to make this work, he was going to need more power."

- Ok, Bud's cheap, so what does that have do do with Fisher needing more power? Logic fail. Anybody remember salary cap hell, where we overspent so badly we had to suck for 2 years before we could field a decent team again. Oh and it was so bad he stayed 17 years.

we continue

"Or as one source said of Fisher, he told Ross at one point, 'I’ve been a head coach for 17 years and 12 of them sucked because I had to fight for what I wanted.'

- Let me guess the 12 years that sucked were the ones you didn't have winning seasons and that wasn't your fault right Jeff? And of course you did exactly what you wanted the years you had winning seasons so that was all your genius. Oh and it was so bad you stayed 17 years.

and then somehow Vince Young becomes part of this article

"Fisher never wanted to draft quarterback Vince Young with the No. 3 overall pick in 2006. He knew Young was a project so fraught with problems (both physical and mental) that making it work was more difficult than imaginable. Instead, Adams, the man who felt like he was forced to move the franchise from his hometown of Houston, wanted to take fellow Houston native Young in order to get some convoluted form of revenge."

- Is this worth commenting on? Is Jason Cole auditing psychology 101? Raise your hand if you knew Young was a failure on draft day. Oh and it was so bad that Jeff Fisher coached Young for 5 years. If he had felt so strongly that Young was going to be the implicit failure that Jason Cole says was obvious, he could have resigned. Furthermore Adams supported Fisher when Young was benched two times and ultimately picked Fisher over Young.

It gets better

"In the process, Adams also cut quarterback Steve McNair, a true team leader, and a guy who could have helped Young get better. Aside from Earl Campbell, McNair might be the greatest player Adams has ever had. Yet, when Adams got a younger option, McNair was tossed aside with zero regard."

- WTF? Count the inconsistencies. 1. McNair was traded not cut. 2. There are numerous times where McNair tried to help Young even though they weren't on the same team (apparently this is possible). 3. McNair was good, but was he Warren Moon? (sorry Steve RIP). 4. Zero regard my left buttcheek, he was worth a 4th round draft pick if memory serves and had 1 good year as Raven before retiring. BTW Just a reminder this article is entitled Dolphins' Ross blows another possible big catch. I'm sure we could all use one right about now.

But here's what really hurts

"And you wonder why the Oilers/Titans have only managed to make the Super Bowl once."

Ouch. I'm sure your thinking the obvious answer is that Jeff Fisher was the coach for 17 years, but actually the reason is...

"Fisher learned the one constant in football: NFL teams are only as good as their owner."

Yes Bud Adams is the reason Jeff Fisher failed to win a home playoff game as the number 1 seed in the playoffs twice. Bud Adams is also the reason why Jeff Fisher hasn't won a playoff game since 2003. If anything the Fisher era signals a change in Adams. He settled down on a coach and didn't fire him when he missed the playoffs or went 8-8. Even after the absolute disaster that was the 2010 season, that followed the absolute disaster that was the 2009 season, Adams was going to keep Fisher. And of course things were so bad that Fisher stayed and stayed and stayed.

Last point

"However, when it came down to it, Fisher wanted the final say. He wanted the power to shape the roster how he saw fit. He wanted to know he could sign certain players to long-term contracts when necessary and spend on critical free agents"

Donnie Nickey's gonna have a job this year!!!!!

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