Thank You MCM, and Outlook

I am a die hard New York Met fan, and the franchise is a joke. However, Met fans love to brag that is one of the most respected and highly regarded team focused blogs around. While the SB nation blogs will likely never get the attention that tv station owned and other sportsblogs blogs get, Jimmy, August, and Codo a great job here. As a fan who is never in the Mid Ten area, having MCM is really fun and helpful. Thank you all.

The Titans had a great year. They were able speed up the reconstruction process and do what I consider about 25 months of work in the 6 months or so since the lockout ended. If you and I were were discussing the Titans after Kerry Collins fumbled that snap a year ago in Indy, and you said 12 months from now we will have: an aggressive DC who has reshaped our defense, a franchise qb that we are all excited about and has character, numerous young pieces that we acquired via the draft, and 9 wins to show for the effort, I would have been elated.

That being said, every year in the nfl is an adventure and their is nothing stopping this team from taking steps backward next year. Fans on the blog will argue whether to address the OL, DL, or S positions in the draft, and we will complain about not landing the premier free agents. I hope the franchise continues to maintain a smart, discipline approach that made 2011 a productive a season. I think the plan is clear, and it will be a matter of execution, injuries, and luck. As a fan, there are a couple of questions that I see as crucial not to the direction of the franchise, but more to the face of the franchise. Questions both on offense and defense.

1. Will the team retain Michael Griffin? Cortland Finnegan?

-These 2 are clearly huge staples, and Mccarthy jokes aside, they are the two most recognizable pieces to folks around the league. Cutting ties with a 1st round pick is always difficult, and replacing veteran presences on a young defense is certainly a risk. This is where I stand on these two.

-Griff is my least favorite Titan, he never lights people up like elite safties do around the league. I find he is frequently out of position, and he carries himself with an arrogance and sense of entitlement that annoys me. I am not a real xs and os football guy, so how I feel about Griff may not even be accurate.

-Cort is awesome. He hits, he plays hard all game, and improving from the year he had in 2010 I believe is a true sign of character. He is clearly a fixture in the community, and showed tremendous versatility this year. Pro Bowl or not, I hope the FO does what it can to keep him.

2. Will Jake Locker take the reigns from the beginning or do we need to continue to wait?

-I cannot wait for Jake to be the face of the franchise. However, I am curious as to what the club has in mind for the process and journey. Whatever they decide, I am all in for it.

What do you all think?

Happy new year to all of you, and I hope ya'll enjoyed 2011 as much as I did.


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