Fantasy - hitting up the waiver wire

I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here with JustinS - I'm assuming you do Sit/Starts.  
With that said, here are my thoughts on how you should attack the waiver wire this week in fantasy football.  Anyone who has played FF in the past knows that the waiver wire is EXTREMELY important to your team's success.  Each league has it's own settings, so be sure you take advantage of them (ex:  players are put on automatic waivers for a few days come noon Sunday; while other leagues there aren't waiver delays).  Something else to consider is your bench space.  Blah blah blah - you should know all of this already.  Hit the Jump for my opinions...

We'll do this position by position, and I'll only mention players that have a decent chance to be on waivers.  Also note that these guys probably weren't drafted for numerous reasons - but they can definitely fill some holes on your roster!


  • Cam Newton - Pro:  2nd in the league in yards!   Con:  rookie with the usual rookie negatives (INTs)
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - doubtful that he's still there, but if so, grab him!
  • Matt Hasselbeck - Pro:  looks to be syncing up with Britt and his OLine held up vs the Ravens.  Con:  rep for being fragile



  • Early Doucet - showed some numbers in week one, and could benefit from playing across from Fitzgerald
  • Eric Decker - Broncos' WRs are injured... he'll get plenty of opportunities to get a solid grip on a starting spot.  
  • Denarius Moore - Raiders... same as above.  
  • Devery Henderson - Saints WR... healthy and their current #2.  probably available in smaller leagues.


(this is a position that can REALLY give you a leg up on your competition.  get constant production here and it betters your chance for postseason play)

  • Patriots TEs - Hernandez is out a few weeks, so pick up Gronkowski (the good one) for a few weeks (doubt either is available in a competitive league)
  • Fred Davis - he had a big game for the 'Skins and word is he is to be more involved (that's what they all say)
  • Scott Chandler - Buff's offense is hot right now.  ...And they have lost 2 WRs recently.  


(this one is tougher if your league is very competitive)

  • Ben Tate - I've been preaching this since the preseason.  If he's still available, your league is weak.  Destroy them with your waiver-prowess.
  • Joseph Addai - probably drafted and maybe cut... but he'll be solid for the year - nothing exceptional though.

((After these two, you can gamble on rookies... but most were probably drafted already.  Do what you can and hold tight to any that produce.  Keep at least one on the bench for matchups and the bye weeks!))


Not much going on here.  Check weekly for an available player/team that looks to be underestimated.  

Right now I say avoid most players from the ColtsChiefs and Seahawks.  The exceptions are:  Bowe, Addai, Wayne, and maybe Rice (when he actually plays).  Expectations must be tempered for each.  All should be considered your #3 player at each position at best right now.  If you have Collie or Garcon on the Colts, get rid of them.  They might still carry some name-weight - if so, screw over another team by giving them this trash.  On that note, I don't think Foster is going to come back at full strength (hence my biglove on Tate).  If you're ballsy, get some value out of him sooner rather than later.  You might be able to snag something you need rather than sit on a wasted commodity (ie: P. Manning).  

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