Tennessee Titans Daily Links: Jester Of The Cortland Edition

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The Titans are struggling a bit to sell the single game tickets that became available yesterday, which hasn't happened once since the team landed in their proper Nashville home in 1999. It really isn't a huge surprise considering: the league is coming off of an ugly-ish lockout, the team is coming off of an embarrassing season with an unproven head coach, everyone is pissed at Chris Johnson and Cortland Finnegan demanding more money, and the stock market was burning to the ground while the tickets went on sale. The team still expects that the tickets will sell out soon, but it's the first day you've had a second morning to try and get them through legit avenues.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 I appreciate Cortland stepping up and taking the hit. It's somewhat refreshing to see a pro athlete so quickly admit that they were wrong to lie. However, it still pounds home how stupid it was for him to lie and blame the media in the first place. Of course the next thing to watch will be what happens with Cortland's contract. After the past two seasons of uneven play, terrible penalties and embarrassing on-field blow-ups, I'm a little conflicted on Cortland. I love his fire, and I still believe he can be great again, but there's no way in hell he should make more than he's making now. His cap number is reasonable right now, and I don't want to see his salary rise as his play trends downward.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kenny Britt was finally able to put on his helmet and mix it up for a little while yesterday. He didn’t practice for the full session, but it's a good sign that his hamstring is getting better. Even better news: Britt has gone several weeks now without having to turn himself in for anything!

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Despite the progress in Britt's condition, McCormick says he's a long shot for the Vikings game on Saturday.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Former Colt and Titan David Thornton has retired from the NFL. Before a series of hip and shoulder issues left him unable to really help the team over the past two seasons, Thornton was one of the best LBs nobody talked about. He had the size, speed, strength and smarts the Titans needed to put together that great 2008 defense. Thornton was a leader in the locker room and on the field who also won numerous awards for his community service efforts. He might not have been amazing for us, but he absolutely brought honor to the two-toned blue. For that, I thank him and wish him well in his post-NFL life.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times is doing a series on the sudden bounty of players, coaches and executives leaving the Seahawks for Titans. This is the first installment, and it focuses on Matt Hasselbeck Mike Reinfeldt.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 NFL Mocks previews the Titans' 2011 season. Nice to see they're upset about the loss of "Jeff Fischer".

Tennessee_titans_30x21 David Epstein takes a deep look at the HGH issues and policy in the NFL.


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