Ron Burgundy's "Titan Watch 2011: LP Field Edition"

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen!

[UPDATE from Jimmy]- A huge thanks to Ron for doing this.  I looked on The Tennessean website, Kuharsky's blog, and that Nashville City Paper site and none of them have anything about what actually happened in the scrimmage.  This is why MCM is the greatest site in the world.

Now that I've got that out of the way... Ventured to LP Field today to take in practice and hopefully get a few autographs, was succesful on both counts. I just wanted to share a few of my observations from where I was, I'm not going to give a play-by-play as you can go to the Twitter feed to get that. Here's some bullet point thoughts and observations from your Number One Anchor:


  • Locker was running bootlegs quite a bit, and his accuracy seemed to be off today. Does have a cannon of an arm though.
  • His speed is as advertised, I was impressed with how quick he was on those rollouts and when he had some runs.
  • Cook was called for a false start then followed it up with a nice open field catch from Hasselbeck. Had a few other nice catches too, I cannot wait to see him in a real game.
  • Harper is a little bowling ball out there, I could definitely see him becoming a nice goal-line or "bruising" back.
  • Bironas was a little rocky on back-to-back kicks, hitting one off the crossbar then missing the next wide left.
  • Interior line had some struggles, several times the whistle was blown on what would have been very quick sacks of Hasselbeck.
  • Conversely, this could be looked at as the DTs getting it done. Jurrell Casey impressed me when he was in (to no one's surprise), and new guy Shaun Smith blew up a few plays as well.
  • For all the talk about him, I didn't see much from Ayers today. May have also been my vantage point.
  • Tracy Rocker chewed out his group on the bench after they let Ringer get a first down run. I'd be terrified to have him chewing me out.
  • For missing the number one corner, the secondary was on lockdown. I counted at least two interceptions against Hasselbeck and one against Locker, and they weren't giving up any big plays. Cortland who? (I kid, I kid)
  • This whole "get bigger on defense" mantra is already very noticeable. Ayers was standing next to Curran and made him look like a midget. Smith is humongous as well, definitely will fill more space than any DT we've had recently.
  • Derrick Morgan was explosive on several plays, getting around or through the tackle for would-be sacks. Looks like he's recovered nicely.
  • No receiver really stood out to me today, I really think this offense needs Britt on the outside to help things in the middle.
  • Speaking of of my favorite things I saw was at the end when Locker was running a two-minute drill, saw Hasselbeck pull Britt to the sideline and those two watched the drill and seemed to be talking through it.
  • Some random, non-field thoughts:
    • I sat front row on the Titans sideline and it was quite fun being right there and seeing these guys up close, I did not realize just how big some of them are until today. Daniel Graham is just HUGE, when he was signing autographs he was almost eye level with the top of the rail.
    • As if we needed another reason to love Mike Keith, my friend who was with me asked him to do his new voicemail message and he obliged. We wanted him to do the "TOUCHDOOOOOOOOOOWN TITANS!" but he said in all honesty that it is way too loud and would not be understood on the phone. I got warm and fuzzy feelings from that.
    • Whole team signed autographs afterwards, I'll try to get a picture up in a Fanshot but along with a bunch of UDFAs, I got Locker, McCourty, Hope, Witherspoon (who was giving the UDFA in front of him a hard time and was hilariously self-deprecating), Curran, Mariani, Britt and a few others that I'm blanking on right now.
    • I legit think Rusty Smith has a giraffe in his genealogy, seeing him up close just confirmed that there's some of that in him.

From all of us here at Channel 4 News, you stay classy MCM (and YOU, Cortland Finnegan!)

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