Fantasy Football Do's 2011

JustinS has agreed to be our fantasy football writer for the 2011 season. His first post is after the jump.


Fantasy Do's 2011



QB Do's

Matt Schaub - Texans

            Schaub has Andre Johnson, one of the most dangerous receivers in the game and this season he'll also have one of his favorite targets back at full health. TE Owen Daniels.


Phillip Rivers - Chargers

            Rivers has always been a playmaker. Some times he doesn't get it going till the fourth quarter, but he puts up the points. He also has a huge target that was missing almost all of last year, WR Vincent Jackson. Jackson should add to an offense that already has big players such as TE Antonio Gates and WR Malcom Floyd.


Tony Romo - Cowboys

            Hate him if you will, but if you've got him as your QB, it'll be real hard. The Cowboy's have two of the NFL's most exciting receivers in Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. He also has one of the top rated TE's in Jason Witten. I'm just now kicking myself for not realizing this and drafting Romo myself.... This guy could do some serious damage this year.


Tom Brady - Patriots

            I hate this guy. Loathe, actually. But he's good. Everyone knows the name Brady and he's a solid fantasy player. He also has two awesome second year TE in Hernandez and Gronkowski. Not to mention the WR's Welker, Johnson (Ochocinco), and Branch.


Aaron Rodgers - Packers

            One of the best in the league? Yup. Won the Superbowl last year? Yup. Hungover? Doubtful. The Packers were a wounded bunch when they made it to the Superbowl and they still defeated the Steelers quite handedly. Rodgers is getting back his TE Finley and still has his favorite deep threat in WR Jennings. Not to mention all the other capable receivers on the chart, such as James Jones or Donald Lee.


Michael Vick - Eagles

            Dream team. Two of the scariest words anyone can say. I'm a little skeptical about Vick this year. He still has the potential to be very dangerous, but I'm still waiting to see it. He also has a plethora of targets with WR Jackson and Maclin out there and TE Celek. If you're worried about him and the second string QB getting hurt, you could draft the handcuff, VY. (Ha ha)


All of these QB's should have productive seasons, key word being should.


RB Do's


Adrian Peterson - Vikings

            As much as I loathe this man, he is the second best back in the league, and with the introduction of the new QB McNabb and the departure of WR Sidney Rice, the Vikings should be trying the darndest to utilize him as much as they can.


Chris Johnson - Titans

            It's terrifying being his owner right now. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REJOIN US?!?!?!? Hopefully this weekend... He's the most dangerous back in the league. Even if he holds out for one to two weeks, he's still worth the pick. Especially in an offense that could be feature some awesome receivers this year along the lines of WR Kenny Britt and TE Jared Cook. But he should be back in time for the regular season. Take him.


Jamaal Charles - Chiefs

            Ask any Chiefs fan and they'll try and convince you Charles is a better back than Chris Johnson. He's not. Now that I've said that I will confirm he is an awesome back who should make owners happy.


Frank Gore - San Francisco

            When healthy, Gore is a punishing back. The question you have to ask yourself is, do you feel lucky? Once in his five year career has Gore actually played in all 16 games, so you're obviously going out on a limb if you expect him to be productive for you all season. This is a guy it's nice to have the handcuff to. Who that is exactly, I'm not sure.


Peyton Hillis - Browns

            The White Buffalo. Peyton has been my boy since his days in Denver. He's an angry tank that will mow down the MLB if he has to. Never really a fantasy point firework show, but he seems to always be consistent and reliable. So if you like a guy you can count on for consistent points that you can guess within three points of how much he'll give you, grab this guy.


Ray Rice - Ravens

            Another little tank that also has a pretty good set of wheels on him. His TD steeling buddy is finally gone, so that should give Rice more touches and more points! Just what we all want. As long as you can stomach having a Raven on your team...


Rashard Mendenhall - Steelers

            This guy has a great power and speed combo that makes him a consistently good fantasy back to own. He's a solid number back have starting for you. Along the same lines as the last back... If you can live with having a Steeler on your team....


Steven Jackson - Rams

            Can't forget Jackson. Not a huge touchdown getter but he makes up for it in yards. He's been the Rams work horse for years and I don't see that changing at all this year. Don't expect huge things from him, but you can expect him to be consistent, just like Hillis.


LeGarrette Blount - Buccaneers

            The one that got away. As long as he keeps on keepin' on, that's how the Titans will have to remember him. Blount should be the starting running back for the Buccaneers and as we saw last year, he can be quite dangerous. With a year under his belt he should deliver even more this year and turn into quite the decent fantasy starter.


Maurice Jones-Drew - Jaguars

            I've never been a hug fan of MJD, but I'd probably get yelled at if I didn't but him in here. He's a strong little man who should see a lot of carries from one of the AFC's most notoriously pathetic teams. Though this year I expect better from them as a team, I still expect nothing less for the Titans to crush them Week 1.


WR Do's


Andre Johnson - Texans

            I hate having to put him here, but he is a beast. One of the best receivers in the leagues paired with one of the best QB's. This man will give you your money's worth, no-doubt.


Calvin Johnson - Lions

            If Stafford can stay healthy, Johnson could set career highs this year. Even without Stafford, Johnson is a terrific receiver and can pay off big time.


Miles Austin - Cowboys

            Another incredible receiver that can destroy defenses. Austin only needs to get his hands on the balls a couple times in a game to make it worth starting him. With Tony Romo back at the Cowboys helm, expect Austin to tear it up, again.


Dez Bryant - Cowboys

            Cowboys have a pretty good receiving corp. This is one gifted kid. I expect him to really blossom this year. Last year he was having a good year until he suffered an unfortunate ankle injury. He was solid last year, this year I expect him to be gold.


DeSean Jackson - Eagles

            Yup. Just like Miles Austin, Jackson only has to get his hands on the ball a couple times a game to pay off big time. As long as he's healthy, he's giving you fantasy points out the ying-yang.


Jeremy Maclin - Eagles

            Solid receiver who should produce well. Not near as dangerous and Jackson, but he seems to be a little more consistent. Feel free to lean on him.


Kenny Britt - Titans

            Please keep your legs stretched and healthy Kenny, we need you. If this guy is playing, you best having him in your starting lineup.  225 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Eagles last year? Yeah. This guy is the real deal and if he's taking care of those legs of his, he makes the Titans a team to be reckoned with.


Danny Woodhead - Patriots

            I have Woodhead here under receivers just because different sites put him at a different position. If you're in a league that has a WR/RB slot, you have to take this guy. He plays RB and WR and because of that you can always count on him to give you a solid contribution. This was probably my favorite free agency pick up last year.


Vincent Jackson - Chargers

    This guy is one scary mofo. He can destroy teams and is probably the Chargers most dangerous weapon (It's a tie with Gates). This big, physical receiver is sure to give you your money's worth. He didn't put up much this last year because he held out most of the season for a new contract. Grab this man, he's gonna do some damage. (Malcolm Floyd is also worth a look)


Roddy White - Falcons

    This guy was fantasy gold last year. Another big physical receiver, he should be a good pick. BUYER WARNING: The Falcons blew a lot of picks this year on Julio Jones, expect him to hurt White's fantasy value (I took Jones late in the draft )


Larry Fitzgerald - Cardinals

    Phew, almost forgot this guy. Fast, awesome, possibly the best hands in the game, this guy should be a no brainer. He even got the QB upgrade in Kevin Kolb this offseason. Though I'm certainly no Kolb fan, I guarantee he'll be feeding the ball to Fitz.


I'm cutting this list short... There are a lot of good receivers out there and as injuries come up, the opportunity to grab new ones via free agency is always there. Other teams with good receivers to look into: Steelers, Seattle (Sidney Rice), Baltimore, Washington (Santana Moss), and others....


TE Do's

See QB section



Jared Cook - Titans

     This man is gonna beast it up this year. Trust me.


My Top 5 Defenses




Green Bay



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