The Chicago Bears Players to Watch




Chicago is coming of a 41-17 trouncing by the New York Giants.  The Bears focus their offense on short passing and screens to bring the safeties up, then they throw deep to their speedster WRs.  Our safeties have to make sure they do not get sucked in in order for us to win.  Chicago mainly plays a Tampa 2 defense.  With that being said, the way we can beat Chicago is through the short passing game in the small windows in the zones or a power running game followed with play action passing and bootlegs in order to draw their safeties out of position.

Craig Steltz #20 Safety

Steltz is a very good special teams player and he is a very good tackler.  He has very good instincts and seems to be in the right place at the right time.  He is very positionally sound, and can cover the middle of the field very well, which is required in the Bears' Tampa 2 defense.  Steltz elevates his game when he is close to the goal line.  In one instance, D.J. Ware of the New York Giants was approaching the goal line when Steltz came flying in and wrapped him up and prevented him from breaking the plain. Comparison: Vincent Fuller


Nick Reed #70 Defensive End

During the Giants game on Monday, he looked unblockable.  He was absolutely dominating his man at the point of attack and making Eli Manning's and David Carr's lives a living hell in the backfield.  He is a terrific pass rusher, but he does tend to over pursue which can leave him out of position in the running game, which is a cause for concern.  He isn't the fastest guy in the world but he seems to have the technique to absolutely abuse the tackle he is facing.  He will need to work on holding the point of attack against the run in order to be a starting defensive end in this league.  Comparison: Jason Babin


Johan Asiata  #62 Offensive Guard

Johan appeared to be the only bright spot on the Bears second team offensive line.  He puts up a good effort in the running game and he hold his ground in the passing game.  He is very quick for a guard and the Bears utilize this by swinging him out on toss plays.  When the Chicago line began breaking down it looked like he was the only one who was still keeping his man outside of the pocket.  He is still young and can be an asset to us if he is cut by Chicago to push Leroy Harris for a backup job.  Comparison: Ryan Lilja


Honourable Mentions: Kyle Adams #86 Tight End, Caleb Hanie #12 Quarterback, and Dane Sanzenbacher #18 Wide Reciever 

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