Thoughts on the Titans changes over the summer

Ah, the media.
Disclaimer- I know its the first game of the preseason, blah blah blah..

So, from everything I've read/heard, the media gives our beloved Titans no chance at anything better than about ~6 wins. They credit this prediction to a few different causes, most notably being the fact that we have a new Coaching Staff, new systems on O and D, and two new QBs.

Now, in my humble opinion, those three changes are nothing close to hindrances, instead they'll be greatly helpful. For the following reasons-

1. The Head Coach was so power rich and bored of his own job that his decisions had withered into stupidness, rendering him no longer effective.
2. The Defensive Coordinator was terrible and ignorant and never deserved his job in the first place.
3. The Offensive Coordinator was a bad situational play caller and had more than enough going on in his personal life that he was really unfit for the job.
4. Our system was so bland and vanilla on both sides of the ball that decent college teams wouldn't have much trouble with it, much less halfway competent NFL coordinators.
5. Our previous two QBs were so terrible, inconsistent and at each others throats that neither of them could ever succeed in the situation that was the Fisher era Tennessee Titans.

My question is this-

Could it be that our last coaching staff was so incompetent, our last system was so infantile, and our last QBs were so useless that the three of those things together created such a viral and toxic environment that any change whatsoever is a huge step forward as opposed to the proverbial media imposed instant competitor for Luck syndrome?

In closing, I just want us all to remember the 5-2 start, talent and well played games this team showed last year before-
1. Coaching staff fell apart due to whatever happened to Fisher, sickness, and stubborness.
2. Kenny Britt got hurt.
3. Vince Young fell apart mentally.(again)
4. Our Defense wore down due to being undersized and playcalling idiocy.
5. Velociraffe.

And, that 5-2 start was before Jared Cook and Derrick Morgan were able to be used. I am a firm beleiver that this team, as it stands right now, has more talent and coaching ability than it did before that great start to last season.
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