Vikings vs. Titans Open Game Thread Roll Call


After the jump is the roll call from Saturday night's open game thread. For those of you who are knew around these parts, each Monday I will post the number of comments each user had in the game thread from the week before.

I was very pleased with the turnout in the threads Saturday night considering the game wasn't nationally televised.

Roll Call: Aditya T (smashville), shawneriksmith, Josh Baker, trevor2013, titansfanastic1982, nolesbroncos3456, NJD28, TennesseeTyrants, Shibby Titan, SuperHorn, Lord_Drist, carlostable, danielreese05, Ice0ne (CAJ), SoundersFC, rothbard, TitansJonne, white02slpss, DonBorvio, oilers15, ltknick, Shainoc, zackmann, MikeGriffFan27, numbertenox, zero defects, RocketsForever3, jasonkylebates, TitanFan2K, CrazyTitan, theologic, rsikes, Seal Clubbing, WinOneForTheThumb, StPrattrick, LastSd, J3G77, SouthTexasTitan, JTx3, nvemvp23, jollyrogerwilco, Dagger22, Fila429, Preds Fanatic, kschimke, UW11Bowdown, bond003, AGRIFF, SiriusTitansFan, Grimerz757, WinnipegTitanFan13, fanoftheunderdogs, p a, Jimmy, RememberTheTitans, jtc2086, Pinoy Titan, Gekko Mojo, TitansHope, I Believe in Rusty Smith, hartley, jwhezytitansfan, foobarred, steeler-hater

Total Users: 64
Total Posts: 900
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
rsikes 88
ltknick 87
jasonkylebates 66
theologic 60
jollyrogerwilco 55
fanoftheunderdogs 47
Ice0ne (CAJ) 38
numbertenox 36
trevor2013 33
LastSd 33
titansfanastic1982 30
TennesseeTyrants 29
Preds Fanatic 25
DonBorvio 17
danielreese05 17
carlostable 15
WinnipegTitanFan13 14
nolesbroncos3456 14
J3G77 14
Shibby Titan 13
SuperHorn 12
Aditya T (smashville) 11
NJD28 10
Dagger22 10
CrazyTitan 10
bond003 10
TitanFan2K 9
TitansJonne 8
I Believe in Rusty Smith 8
SouthTexasTitan 6
StPrattrick 5
Pinoy Titan 5
RememberTheTitans 5
rothbard 5
nvemvp23 4
Grimerz757 4
WinOneForTheThumb 4
white02slpss 3
Josh Baker 3
SoundersFC 3
hartley 2
Gekko Mojo 2
p a 2
UW11Bowdown 2
Seal Clubbing 2
zero defects 2
shawneriksmith 2
MikeGriffFan27 2
oilers15 1
TitansHope 1
Lord_Drist 1
jwhezytitansfan 1
steeler-hater 1
foobarred 1
Shainoc 1
zackmann 1
RocketsForever3 1
SiriusTitansFan 1
Fila429 1
Jimmy 1
jtc2086 1
kschimke 1
JTx3 1

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