Possible Free Agent Options

It seems like we are on the road towards a new CBA sooner rather than later. When the lockout is over, the free agency period is going to be insane. Front offices will be scrambling to bring in veterans before training camp. Recently, Adam Schefter reported that free agency will operate under the pre-2010 rules, which means that unsigned players who have played 4,5, or 6+ years will be unrestricted free agents. It's not breaking news that the Titans have a good number of needs that need to be addressed through free agency. Some positions that have already been mentioned are quarterback, tight end, defensive tackle, and safety.  Here are some possible free agents at those positions and a few others:

Quarterback: The free agents at quarterback have been talked about a lot, and really, it seems like it's down to Kerry Collins and Matt Hasselbeck. Personally, I'd rather just save the money and bring back Kerry.


Wide Receiver: I'm not sure if the Titans will actually pursue a receiver. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking that they won't. But, I think that we should try to get a receiver, because it has become evident that we cannot depend on Kenny Britt. Whether it's a run-in with the police, injury, or being out of shape, there always seems to be a reason why Britt isn't/ won't be on the field. Anyone who watched a Titans game last year  knows that this offense fails to produce when Britt is not on the field. Look at the weeks that he was out because of his injury against San Diego. Another example is week 17 against Indianapolis after Britt exited the game. We were surprisingly productive on offense with Britt until he hurt his groin and couldn't return. The offense had close to 0 productivity. But whatever, here are some possible candidates at WR:

-Malcolm Floyd

- Steve Breaston

-Mike Sims-Walker

-Legedu Naanee

There are a lot of other guys, but I feel like these guys are more 'realistic' options than guys like Sidney Rice and Steve Smith. But, that's just my opinion.  (and even these guys I don't really see as that realistic)

Tight End: Jared Cook does have a lot of good features, but he still does have a lot of difficulty blocking, and makes a lot of mental errors. Also, Chris Palmer said that we are going to see a lot more of 2 tight end sets. I think that we will go after a tight end that is a strong blocker. Some options include:

-Matt Spaeth

-Ben Patrick

-Kris Wilson

-Daniel Fells

Interior Offensive Line: I think that we will just re-sign Leroy Harris

Defensive Tackle: I don't expect us to break the bank for a Brandon Mebane or Aubrayo Franklin type of defensive tackle. I do expect us to get a guy that will be productive in the defensive line rotation and can stop the run. That leaves us with a couple of guys who while they aren't the next Haloti Ngata, they'd be pretty solid. Some options include:

-Barry Cofield 

-Ron Edwards

-Anthony Adams 

-Clifton Ryan

-Albert Haynesworth (SuperHorn's post from today linked)

Linebacker: Terry McCormick said that he heard from people in the organization that they fear that Will Witherspoon may be entering the "David Thornton phase". I think that Ayers will start and McRath will battle with Curran for the other starting job outside. Frank Bush said that the Titans could move Witherspoon inside at MLB. But, if we feel that Witherspoon is starting to get washed up and fear that he is going through the David Thornton phase, then I believe that the FO should take a good look at the available linebackers. It's no secret that the linebackers were awful. Some options include:

-Barrett Ruud

-Takeo Spikes (only because he used to play for Jerry Gray, and could be signed to a short contract as a "stop gap" LB to groom Colin McCarthy)

-Stephen Nicholas 

-Thomas Howard

-Ernie Sims

-Paul Posluszny

Safety: I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the FO will be looking at S. Even the biggest Chris Hope fan has to admit that Hope has worn down. Some options include:

-Bernard Pollard

-Gibril Wilson

-Deon Grant

-Danieal Manning

Obviously I am just throwing around names, and we know that the FO won't just be looking at a list of names and trying to just plug them in without them fitting the system. The problem is, we aren't really sure as to what the system specifically is right now, so it's all just speculation.

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