MtD 7 round mock Titans results

Over the course of the weekend, the Mocking the Draft folks held a 7 round mock draft. It was loads of fun doing all 7 rounds. CByers and co. did a great job handling everything especially given every team had a 3 trade rule in place. There was also a 4 UDFA limit in place. Every team had 5 minutes to make a pick or email their BPA lists to CByers. Thunder64 provided some input towards this as well so a shout out to him too. I don't have some of the specific pick numbers in front of me but the results have the round numbers. Results and explanations after the Jump!!!! Jump!!!!


1 (23). Christian Ponder QB SR FSU

WHY: I traded down w/ the Eagles rep to #23 to avoid reaching for Ponder @ #8 plus I didn't like the QB options there after Gabbert went #1 overall. We also acquired the #54 and #103ish pick in return for #8 + #108. There was a run on QBs in the 1st (4 taken).

2 (54). Sam Acho DE SR Texas

WHY: The aforementioned trade w/ the Eagles landed us this pick. Acho helps us fill a need at DE and can help us transition to a 3-4 eventually as an OLB.

3 (71). Shane Vereen RB JR Cal

WHY: You're wondering why we don't have #39? well we traded down yet again w/ the Saints this time for both of their 3rd rounders. There was an insane amount of talent falling to the 3rd Round so I felt good about it. Vereen really helps the depth behind CJ2K because there barely is any + relieves the load that CJ had to carry. This pick allows us to bring along Stafon Johnson slowly from his ankle injury and makes up for losing Blount.

3 (88). Deunta Williams S SR UNC

WHY: The 2nd 3rd rounder we got. BPA safety in a weak elite safety class. Also an insurance policy if Griff reverts back to 2009 form, RJ doesn't pan out, and Hope decides to give up 6 million busted plays and missed tackles. It also means no more MCM Favorite Donnie Nickey!!!

4 (103) Cliff Matthews DE SR USCE

WHY: Another DE you ask? There was a semi run on DEs at this point in the draft and Matthews was the BPA at pure DE.

4 (130 comp pick). Akeem Dent ILB SR UGA

WHY: With the impending loss of Tulloch to a big bucks contract in Free Agency, I picked Dent who made himself a lot of money during his senior season, Senior Bowl, and his recent Pro Day. He can team up w/ former UGA teammate Rennie Curran cause absolute havoc in the middle. Dent was also the successor to Curran's MLB spot at UGA.

5. Terrell McClain DT SR USF

WHY: We needed a space eater in the middle like Fat Albert to anchor the line. McClain is a great athlete at 6'2 291 running a 4.8 40 and showed great ability in his position drills at his pro day and the combine (so much so that future HOF DT Warren Sapp and Mayock raved about him).

6. Markus White DE SR FSU

WHY - Another prospect to beef up the DLine and possible future hybrid transition. A JUCO Transfer to FSU, 2 year full time starter for the Noles. A senior campaign that made him a lot of money in the draft process. He reportedly ran a 4.7 at FSU's pro day measuring in at 6'4 270.

7. Jeremy Kerley WR JR TCU

WHY - A developmental WR prospect that can sit for awhile and also back up Mariani in returning kicks. The second most dominant WR next to Leonard Hankerson on the South team during the Senior Bowl festivities. Kerley was a steal here in the 7th when most "experts" have him projected for the 4th or 5th round.

7. Vance Cuff CB SR UGA

WHY - A decent corner who has to learn the art of playing CB some more (who better to do that than under Jerry Gray, a great CB back in the day). Most experts have him graded out as a UDFA so it isn't too much of a reach this late into it. Another return prospect that sit and learn the game.

UDFA Kris Durham WR SR UGA

WHY - A UGA WR not named AJ Green who handled playing in Green's shadow as the #2 option fairly well. A great athlete who ran track in HS and part time at UGA. Durham was snubbed out a Combine invite so he tore it up on his pro day: 6'5 217 guy who ran 4.43 40, bench rep 17 times, 35 inch vertical, 10-1 broad jump. KD showed his solid hands all throughout the process. This pick only helps to move Gage along further down the road to unemployment in a Titans uni, besides isn't it time for the Gage dropsies to become someone else's problems?

UDFA Ray Dominguez OG  RS SR Arkansas
UDFA Kyle Hix OG SR Texas
UDFA Mike McNeill TE/WR RS SR Nebraska

WHY - I picked these 3 guys up to help build depth at their positions and allow some of the more unproductive guys there to move along elsewhere.

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