What about the Veteran QB's?

Obviously with this CBA mess and us being only 2 weeks away from the draft, everyone is going to be focusing on what quarterback the Titans should take in the draft. But what about the veteran, "stop-gap" QB? I can only speak for myself here, but it feels like I've been thinking about who the Titans should draft so much, that I almost completely forgot that we are going to need to sign a veteran QB to hold down the ship while we groom in the rookie. So, here are a few options that the Titans have once there is free agency and trades:


Donovan McNabb: While he is still currently with the Redskins, he is not expected to be back. In my opinion, he can still be a solid quarterback, especially if he were to have some of the weapons that we have here. He obviously isn't the same McNabb from his Eagles days when he was in his prime, but I think he could be a decent option which could give us a year or possibly even 2 years before we insert the QB that we draft. 


Tarvaris Jackson: It has been previously pointed out that the free agent Jackson has ties to Dowell Loggains. Jackson has been inconsistent throughout his career. At some times he was completely terrible, but at others he actually did put up some decent numbers and showed that he could manage the game well.


Kyle Orton: Obviously, there are a lot of Titans fans, including myself, that aren't too fond of Orton after he called the Titans cheap in October after the Broncos fiasco. However, Orton is a serviceable veteran who would be  decent option as a "stop-gap" QB for the next year or 2, depending on which quarterback we draft. He put up good numbers in 2010, and while we would have to give up a draft pick to acquire him, I  believe he stacks up very well against the other veteran QB's. 


Matt Hasselbeck: Last month, Jim Wyatt had a post saying that he had "no doubt" that Matt Hasselbeck was on the Titans' radar. While he has not put together a good season in the past couple of years, he showed in the postseason that he might still have a little bit of juice left in him. He may be more productive with better weapons and a better line here in Tennessee. I, personally don't really like this option, but that's just me. 


Carson Palmer: While Palmer may be an intriguing option, I just think that Mike Brown will be too stubborn to let Palmer walk. So, either he actually retires, or ends up playing in Cincinnati. But,if for some reason he were to end up being available, he could be a great, possibly the best option as our stop-gap QB.  


Alex Smith: A report recently came out that Smith was offered a 1 year contract, but declined because he'd rather test free agency. Smith has played well is small bursts, but hasn't been able to put it all together to be productive for a full season (remind you of someone?). Alex Smith may just need a change of scenery to jump start him. He could be a decent option, and could be capable of a Kerry Collins '08-like season.  


Matt Moore: Moore has shown that he is capable of being a productive QB. Like Alex Smith, I think that he could be capable of putting together a Kerry-Collins '08-like year. He was slowed down by injuries last year, but if you look at the way he finished the 2009 season after stepping in for Jake Delhomme,  you can see what he is capable of. I don't think this would be the worst option to go at QB. 


Bruce Gradkowski: Bruce seems to be a fan favorite in Oakland. Whenever he has gotten into the game, he's played well for the most part. However, it seems like Gradkowski can never stay healthy (remind you of someone?!?!). If we were to sign Bruce, he would be a good option for the time being, but the rookie quarterback will need to be ready to step in at any second, which scares me. 


Billy Volek: I don't think Volek would return, but he could be an interesting stop-gap option. There are probably fans that would like to see him return. Volek says that he would like to start again, and believes that he was backed by most of the Titans' staff including Munchak. He is 34, but hasn't really played since he left in 2006. He would probably be pretty fresh for the most part. Again, I don't think he'll come back, but just another name to throw out there.


Kerry Collins: Some hate him, some like him. I personally like Kerry a lot. When he is healthy, he can play pretty well. But, he'll probably be able to play for only 6-7 games before it could be time to think about putting the rookie in. Looking at this list, are any of the available QB's better than any better than Kerry? That is the real question. I guess there are a couple of better options, so I don't think Kerry will be back, unless the lockout were to really drag on.

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