Drafting a QB in the First Round = The Only Chance To Win a Super Bowl?


While I am against the Titans drafting a QB in round 1 this year (and likely against drafting a QB in round 2 unless Newton, Locker or Gabbert are still available), I noticed that there is an argument for drafting your Quarterback in the first round. 

Basically, 22 out of the past 33 Super Bowl winners were led by a QB taken in the first 33 picks of the NFL draft.  Out of those 11 Super Bowl winning teams that did not have a QB taken with the first 33 picks in the draft, 7 were Quarterbacked by either Tom Brady or Joe Montana. 

Before I analyze this, I'd like to point out that while Brady and Montana weren't 1st round QB's, they were both pupils of revolutionary coaches.  Brady was a student of Bill Belichick, and Montana a student of offensive guru Bill Walsh. 

So basically, if a team doesn't draft a QB in the 1st round of the NFL draft, and doesn't land a diamond in the rough gem like Brady or Montana (and team them up with a Hall of Fame worthy head coach), then the chances of that team winning the Super Bowl are drastically reduced.    

So since 1979, the only champion QB's who were not drafted with one of the first 33 picks in the draft not named Brady or Montana are:

1. Brad Johnson (who won one Super Bowl, and was aided by one of the best defences in NFL history)

2. Kurt Warner;

3. Mark Rypien; and

4. Joe Theisman, all of whom led their teams to one Super Bowl victory, while being surrounded by elite talent.

*The one asterisk is the 1991 Super Bowl that was won by the New York Giants.  While that Super Bowl was technically won by Jeff Hostetler (drafted in the 3rd round), the game plan was essentially to run the ball, keeping it away from Bills' QB Jim Kelly (a first round pick).  Furthermore, the Giants original starting QB that year was Phil SImms (1st round pick) who led the team to the playoffs before succumbing to an injury.

For more information, click to see the Jump:

Super Bowl Year/Quarterback/Draft Round


2011 - Rodgers (1)

2010 - Brees (2) – 32nd overall pick

2009 - Big Ben (1)

2008 - E. Manning (1)

2007 - P. Manning (1)

2006 - Big Ben (1)

2005 - Brady (6)

2004 - Brady (6)

2003 - Johnson (9)

2002 - Brady (6)

2001 - Dilfer (1)

2000 - Warner (Undrafted)

1999 - Elway (1)

1998 - Elway (1)

1997 - Favre (2) - 33rd overall pick

1996 - Aikman (1)

1995 - Young (1)

1994 - Aikman (1)

1993 - Aikman (1)

1992 - Rypien (6)

1991 - Simms/Hostetler (1/3)*

1990 - Montana (3)

1989 - Montana (3)

1988 - Williams (1)

1987 - Simms (1)

1986 - McMahon (1)

1985 - Montana (3)

1984 - Plunkett (1)

1983 - Theisman (4)

1982 -Montana (3)

1981 - Plunkett (1)

1980 - Bradshaw (1)

1979 - Bradshaw (1)




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