Possible Draft Trade Scenarios for the Titans

In my opinion, the Titans future franchise QB will not be found at the #8 selection of the 2011 NFL draft.  The top rated QB by many analysts, Blaine Gabbert, will most likely be gone by the time the Titans are on the clock.  Cam Newton, the #2 rated QB by many analysts, is probably not what Mike Munchak and Mike Reinfeldt are looking for in terms of the QB to lead the Titans, due to inexperience and mechanical issues as a passer.

And, in my opinion, it is looking possible that the better 2nd tier QBs (Ponder, Dalton, and Mallett) may not be available when the Titans select in the 2nd round at #39 overall.

So, what do the Titans do?  Do they select the BPA at #8 (Dareus, Fairley, Bowers, Green, etc) and try to trade back up in the mid-to-late 1st round?  Do they entertain trade offers to trade down from #8?  What teams might be willing to trade up to the #8 spot?  I decided to do some quick check to see what some likely trade scenarios are available for the Titans come draft day...of course, no one can predict what will happen once teams are on the clock, but this is my best guess.

Trade Down Possibilities

Typically, for a team to trade up, there must be a "can't-miss" player available that the team covets or the team is trying to leapfrog another team they expect will select the player they want.  Some "can't-miss" prospects in this draft are Patrick Peterson, Marcel Dareus, and AJ Green.  Teams that draft after the Titans and would be interested in those players are: Detroit Lions (#13) for Patrick Peterson, St Louis Rams (#14) for AJ Green, and San Diego Chargers (#18) for Marcel Dareus.

Looking at the teams that draft directly after the Titans (Cowboys/Redskins) and assuming those can't-miss players have been drafted, players such as Prince Amakumara, Gabe Carimi, Julio Jones, and Cam Newton may begin to have higher value if they are still on the board.  These players will be coveted by: Minnesota Vikings (#12) for Cam Newton, Detroit Lions (#13) for Prince Amakumara, St Louis Rams (#14) for Julio Jones, and New England Patriots (#17) for Gabe Carimi.

So, possible trade down partners for the Titans in the 1st round are: Minnesota Vikings (#12), Detroit Lions (#13), St Louis Rams (#14), New England Patriots (#17), and San Diego Chargers (#18).

Per the draft pick value chart ( ), the possible trade scenarios for Titans 1st round pick are:

Minnesota Vikings 1st round and 3rd round pick

Detroit Lions 1st round, 3rd round, and 4th round pick

St Louis Rams 1st round, 3rd round, and 4th round pick

New England Patriots 1st round (#17) and 2nd round (#33) pick (or 1st round (#17), 2nd round (#60) and 3rd round pick)

San Diego Chargers 1st round (#18), 2nd round, and 3rd round pick


Trade Up Possibilities

If the Titans use their 1st round pick at #8, then they may be likely to trade back up into the mid-to-late 1st round to select a QB.  Some possible trade down partners and scenarios are:

Titans give up 2nd round and 3rd round pick to move up to either Baltimore (#26), Atlanta (#27), or New England (#28) 1st round pick.


So, the most likely scenarios are:

Trade down with Minnesota, Detroit, St Louis if Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson/Prince Amakumara, or AJ Green/Julio Jones are available.

Select BPA at #8 (Nick Fairley, for example) and trade up from 2nd round with New England to #28 to select a Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, or Ryan Mallett.  (NE loves trading down to gather picks)

My preference would be the trade down scenario but that's assuming one of those teams would be willing to trade up.  It's possible but difficult.  So, this may mean the Titans would have to give up a 3rd round pick to move up into the 1st round to select their QB.  I don't like this move as there are several positions on defense that at least need competition (LB, S for example), but sometimes, you've gotta do what you gotta do.

Any other suggestions on what the Titans might be likely to do??

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