Titans Coaching Search: Mike Heimerdinger Interviews

It was reported yesterday that Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger would interview for the head coaching job today.  It should be an interesting interview on a lot of fronts.  Dinger is bound to have heard that Mike Munchak is the favorite for the job, and the Titans are sure to have questions about his health.  Being an assistant coach, even if it is the OC, undergoing cancer treatments is one thing.  Being the head coach undergoing cancer treatments is a completely different animal.  Hopefully the fact that he is even interviewing for the job is a good sign as to where his health is.

I am conflicted on Heimerdinger.  There is one part of me that remembers how good he was in his first stint here when Derrick Mason and Drew Bennett both had 1,000 yard seasons and would like to see him get the opportunity.  There is another part of me that remembers that he couldn't find a way to get Randy Moss and Kenny Britt on the field at the same time.  We blamed Jeff Fisher for that, but Dinger could have made it happen if he really wanted too.  I do believe the offense Heimerdinger wanted to run was limited because of Vince Young, but there were also other ways that VY could have been used that he wasn't.  Conflicted am I.

I learned from reading his bio on Titans Online that he played baseball and football in college.  That is pretty cool.

The Titans have now confirmed Dinger interviewed today.

Coaching History

2008-10: Offensive Coordinator, Tennessee Titans
2007: Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks, Denver Broncos
2006: Assistant Head Coach, Denver Broncos
2005: Offensive Coordinator, New York Jets
2000-04: Offensive Coordinator, Tennessee Titans
1995-99: Wide Receivers, Denver Broncos
1994: Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Backs, Duke University
1989-93: Offensive Coordinator, Rice University
1988: Offensive Coordinator, Cal State-Fullerton
1983-87: Wide Receivers, University of Florida
1982: Quarterbacks, North Texas State
1981: Wide Receivers, Air Force Academy
1980: Graduate Assistant, University of Florida
1978-79: Head Coach, Johnsburgh High School, McHenry, Ill.
1975-77: Asst. Coach, Grant High School, Fox Lake, Ill.

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