The Jeff Fisher Power Rankings

Now that it’s coaching hot seat time, Jeff Fisher’s name is out there. From’s Jason La Canfora:

At least two teams already have reached out to former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher about head-coaching positions, a source with knowledge of the situation said Monday.

With Jon Gruden staying in the ESPN broadcast booth, Fisher is expected to be the most in-demand coach this offseason.

The Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams could be possible destinations for Fisher.

Fisher has very strong ties to ownership in Dallas and New York; San Diego is the closest thing to a hometown team; and St. Louis' front office has ties to him as well, with Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff's father, Marv, being the coach's longtime agent.

Here are teams who have been the subject of coaching rumors, in order of my personal opinion of their likelihood of being landing spots for Fisher.

San Diego – Turner’s out of there for sure, it’s close to USC and Fisher will have some very solid pieces. The Chargers’ window for a championship has closed, but Philip Rivers, who appears to have been playing hurt this season, is more than good enough to hold down the fort while Fisher builds the Chargers back into contenders.

New York Giants – Quite possibly one of the most attractive destinations if Tom Coughlin is fired. I don’t see it happening, just because when you change coaches you usually go for a change. Both are very conservative coaches who love to run the ball and play similar defenses.

Indianapolis – Could happen. Everything’s crazy there. Who knows? He could end up with Andrew Luck to groom and some other good pieces to rebuild the Colts with and stick it to his old team.

Miami – Sparano’s on the hot seat, but the seat’s cooling as the Dolphins get hotter. How they finish the season should strongly determine if there’s a vacancy here. This team has shown it has the talent to win games, so it shouldn’t be an unattractive destination.

Dallas – Jerry Jones has been unhappy with Dez Bryant’s exposure to injury as a punt returner, and Jason Garrett looked like a clueless game manager this season. However, Jones gave Wade Phillips a long leash before finally firing him. Expect the same for Garrett. If the Cowboys collapse down the stretch, going 0-2 to the Giants and losing the division, that could change. I don’t see Fisher going somewhere with a meddlesome owner again.

Jacksonville – The Jaguars have already fired Jack Del Rio, so we know they’re looking for a coach. But they’ve got a long way to go before they’re competing for the division.

Minnesota – Leslie Frazier has looked overwhelmed as a head coach, but I’m not sure if Minnesota would fire him just a year and a half into his head-coaching career.

St. Louis – Probably not. Spagnuolo hasn’t coached well this year, but Bradford’s been injured a lot, and that could buy Spagnuolo an extra year.

Philadelphia – Only ranked this highly because of my confidence the job will be open. I highly doubt Fisher will take it though. Didn’t Fisher just LEAVE a dysfunctional franchise whose playoff hopes had been sabotaged by Vince Young?

Houston – If the Texans collapse, I still think their momentum before Schaub’s injury will buy Kubiak another year. If for some reason the head-coaching job in Houston becomes vacant, Fisher would have to be tempted to take the job.

Chicago – Was doing well enough with Cutler and Forte that their injuries will be blamed for the Bears’ collapse. Lovie Smith should stay.

Tampa Bay – Raheem Morris had a down year, but the Buccaneers were a hot team on the rise last year. He’ll get another shot.

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