Mike Munchak is not Jeff Fisher, he's a head coach

Following today's announcement that Hasselbeck is the starter if healthy, many of us have been understandably livid. We've called Munch just about every name in the book, said he's in over his head and, most predictably, called him Fisher 2.0. Mike Munchak is not Jeff Fisher and it's a futile exercise to suggest that every time he makes a Fisher-like decision, he is Fisher. But therein lies the problem. This isn't just a Fisher-like decision, it's a decision that head coaches would have made. Examples?

Ben Roethlisberger is limping badly in pregame warmups right now. He is expected to start. Is Mike Tomlin Fisher 2.0?

Tarvaris Jackson is playing with a torn pectoral muscle that is influencing his ability to throw. Is Pete Carrol Fisher 2.0?

Mike Vick has played through more serious injuries than I care to list. Is Andy Reid Fisher 2.0 (other than the whole not being able to bring home the trophy thing lol).

Matt Schaub finished a game with a lis franc fracture that obviously impacted his ability to move around. Is Gary Kubiak Fisher 2.0?

In any given year, a QB is going to play through injuries. It's probably going to hurt their game. But head coaches tend to stick with those guys unless the injury is absolutely unbearable. What Munchak is doing is not unprecedented, nor does it make him Jeff Fisher. Let me remind you of a few things:

  1. Our defense is starting 3 rookies, with another rotating in. Would Fisher do this?
  2. Justin Gage is not on our roster. Nor is Bo Scaife.
  3. Chris Hope got set aside for Jordan Babineaux and is now reduced to spot duty. Would Fisher have done that?
  4. Colin McCarthy is starting in place of Barrett Ruud. Even if Ruud had been healthy, he was not taking Colin's job back. Would Fisher have done that?
  5. We consistently go for it on fourth down, even if it's a very aggressive call. We usually get it. Would Fisher have done that?

Frankly, I disagree with the decision to start Hasselbeck. I do. I think Locker should be starting next week and in the finale, regardless of if Hasselbeck is healthy or not. That being said, it's getting fairly ridiculous to say he's just like Jeff Fisher anytime he makes a decision that we disagree with or uses coachspeak or does anything we dislike.

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