So You're Saying There is a Chance?

I sit here writing this instead of studying for a test tomorrow because I'm still not over how the Titans lost to the 0-13 Colts. I hope they knew that this was a regular season game and not a preseason game. The Titans had their playoff destiny in their own hands, win out and finish 10-6 and hope that the Jets and Bengals stumble in game. Well the Titans didn't win, but the Jets did lose. The Titans at best can finish 9-7, and 7-5 in conference. Jets and Bengals are currently 6-5 in conference with only 1 conference game left. Jets vs Dolphins and Bengals vs Ravens both games week 17.

So there are 4 ways the Titans could get into the playoffs, even if they did that way they played today they don't deserve it.

More after the jump.

1. Bengals, Jets and Titans all finish at 9-7 and 7-5 in conference.

Bengals last 2 games: vs Cards & vs Ravens
- Bengals would need to lose in week 16 and then beat the Ravens in week 17 to have a 7-5 conference record.

Jets last 2 games: vs Giants & @ Dolphins
- Jets would have to do the same as the Bengals to finish with a 7-5 conference record.

Titans last 2 games vs Jags & @ Texans
- Titans need both games, plain and simple

Now that all 3 finish with a 7-5 conference record the next tie break is W-L-T vs common opponents
(The common opponents are Broncos, Ravens, Bills, and Jags.)

- Jets are 3-2 with wins over the Bills twice and Jags. Losing to the Ravens and Broncos.
- Bengals are currently 2-2 with wins over the Bills and Jags and loses to Ravens and Broncos. They also still have 1 game with the Ravens.
- Titans are currently 3-1 with wins over the Bills, Broncos, and Ravens and the only lost being to the Jags. We still have the game left with the Jags.

So if the above scenario happens, we would get into the playoffs as the 6th seed and be playing the Texans in the wildcard round.

2. Another way to get in tied at 9-7 with the Jets.

This would more likely to happen, because the Bengals are more likely to lose to the Ravens in week 17, dropping them to 6-6 in the conference. It jump right back into the previous tie breaker above, it just won't have the Bengals in it.

3. A 3rd possible chance to get into the playoff would be for the Jets and Bengals to lose in week 17 only.

A loss in week 17 would drop both teams to 6-6 in conference games and the Titans would get the nod over them at 7-5.

4. Simplest way for the Titans to get into the playoffs is with 2 wins and for the Jets and Bengals to lose the next 2 games, period.

Just so everyone knows, the next tie breaker after common opponents is strength of victory, but that won't be reached because that would mean the Titans would have to lose next week. That's the only way because it would tie everyone up at 3-2 very common opponents. If someone wants to figure that out go ahead but I'm not going to.

Update: We need the Chargers to lose 1 of their final games @Lions & @Raiders, or they would get in based on I believe strength of victory, because both the Titans and Chargers would be 4-1 in common opponents (Broncos, Bills, Ravens and Jags).

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