Fantasy Football Week 9: Playoff Push

Vicks Sleeper of the Week Michael Bush could blow up on Sunday with an injured McFadden out for Sundays game.

Here we go with another week of fantasy football. This week looks to be another exciting week of football, which is always nice for us fantasy players. This I've put some big name receivers on the bencher list and have a guy I forgot to add to the Waiver Wire report. This is one you probably don't want to miss.

QB Starters



Matt Schaub

He has been doing it without Andre for the past few weeks and now he has him back. Yes he will be against Joe Haden, but I'm just not scared after how the Texans have been doing. Start him.


Eli Manning

Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham have been making it too easy on Manning. I'm not a fan but he's got a nice matchup against the ever generous Patriots. Start him.


Matt Ryan

Roddy White + Julio Jones + Tony Gonzalez + Michael Turner + the Colts defense = Gold. This is a gimme that's impossible to miss. Start him.


Philip Rivers

He hasn't had the prettiest play of late but against a defense that gives up a fair share of yards I wouldn't shy away from him. Start him.



QB Benchers


Mark Sanchez

He's a careless quarterback and the Bills have been making quarterbacks pay all season long. Bench him.


Tim Tebow

If he doesn't pull things around in this game he could be back on his way to the bench. I don't see him turning the ship around against their division rivals, the Raiders. Bench him.


Colt McCoy

He hasn't had the best past few games and the Texans are on a roll. Bench him.



RB Starters


Michael Turner

The beginning of the season was really up and down for him but the Falcons offense seems to have found its rhythm and so has Turner. I see no reason why he shouldn't truck over the worst run defense in the league. Start him.


LeGarrette Blount

He's been out with and injury for a couple weeks but he's back just in time to put in some work against the Saints and their weak defense. Make sure you've got him in your line up again. Start him.


Michael Bush

This weeks sleeper of the week is poised to have a great game against the Broncos. McFadden is out so he'll see a nice load of carries, especially considering how little time Palmer has had to learn the offense. Start him.


Willis McGahee

He's coming back off surgery he had two weeks ago. Thankfully it was only hit hand. That being said, it still worries me a little. Temper your expectations. Start him.



RB Benchers


Chris Johnson

He has made the list of shame... He couldn't even get it going against the Colts this last week. I don't see why he should do any better against a Bengals defense that has allowed only one 100 yard rusher this season. Bench him.


Cedric Benson

He served his one week suspension and is back but the Titans have been a tough run defense (excluding the Texans game). Bench him.


Reggie Bush

Yeah he did have a nice week last week. His second 100 yard rushing game of his career. The Chiefs should bring him back down to Earth. Don't be deceived, he's still Reggie. Bench him.



WR Starters


Julio Jones

Back just in time to stomp the Colts. Start him.


Jonathan Baldwin

He made some big plays this last week and is going up against one of the leagues worst teams. We'll see how well he plays but I think he's earned it. Start him.


Nate Washington

Due to ESPN hating me I was unable to put him in my lineup last week. Boy was that depressing. Coming off a good showing against the Colts Washington should look to keep up the success against the Bengals this Sunday. Start him.


A.J. Green

As good as the Titans backfield has been this year, Green will still get his points. Start him.



WR Benchers


Brandon Marshall

One big game this season. One. Zero touchdowns. With a revived Chiefs defense, I don't see Marshall doing anything special. Bench him.


Larry Fitzgerald

Kevin Kolb is down and out. That's a big concern. Rams have been pretty generous but without Kolb behind center it's definitely worrisome. Watch Kolb's status. If he's not starting, bench Fitzgerald.


Andre Johnson

Three big name receivers on here? Yup. Johnson is coming back off an injury and might be hindered by it a little bit. Add the fact that he'll be covered by Joe Haden and this just ain't looking to swell. There's also that whole thing where the Texans have been doing quite well without him. I'd give him another week. Bench him.

UPDATE: He's been ruled out. Bench him.


TE Starters


Jared Cook

He's still been underused but the Bengals have been somewhat generous to TE's this year and this guy has to hit it big sometime. If you're feeling lucky.... Start him.


Jake Ballard

A guy who has escaped my waiver wire list... Add him! He has been extremely consistent thus far this season, being good for at least 50 yards almost every game. He's matched up against the Pats this week. Start him.


Tony Gonzalez

It's been a while since he's found the end zone but don't be surprised if he does this week against the hapless Colts. Start him.


Jason Witten

Tony Romos favorite target + Seahawks = Awesome. Start him.



TE Benchers


Dustin Keller

Sanchez's safety valve leads the team in targets but that hasn't shown in production. He might find the end zone this week, but I don't think so. Bench him.


Scott Chandler

Big or bust. Last week he scored 2 touchdowns, this week it'll probably be none. The Jets may be somewhat lenient this year, but not that lenient. Bench him.


Jermaine Gresham

This is actually a really nice matchup for him, but he's gimpy and it's not even a certainty he'll play. Sad panda. Bench him.


Vernon Davis

As great of a player as he may be it has not been a good season for him and a matchup against a stingy pass defense with Alex Smith throwing the ball to him... just doesn't make anyone salivate. Bench him.



D/ST Starters










D/ST Benchers









You can follow me on Twitter @JustinBozemanMT


Questions, comments, heinous words for me? Hit me.



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