Analyzing the Penalties from Falcons-Titans Game


Hey guys,

I’m new to SB nation but have been a huge fan of the Titans for a few years now. Most of my friends are hockey or soccer here in Canada and its tough talking about Titans games while everyone is discussing the leafs. Luckily, I was able to find MCM and hopefully, I can contribute to this community and someday, enjoy the happiness with you guys when the Titans finally win that deserving Superbowl.

Anyways, after the game yesterday, one thing that really got me fired up from yesterday’s game was the lack of discipline on our part with the multiple penalties committed. This has been frustrating me throughout the year, especially with Munchak preaching discipline throughout the pre-season. Maybe it’s a lack of training camp or what, I’m not too sure, but I just wanted to analyze the costly penalties from yesterday’s game and how it affected the outcome. I just wanted to say that I am analyzing the major penalties from how I remember them and may have been off on some. Corrections and insight are welcomed anytime!

1. Chris Johnson: Offensive Holding on 2nd and 8 on Titans 23

This was an obvious hold on CJ. Spoiled a nice completion from Hasselbeck to Washington for 25 yards and put us further in our zone. I believe the pass would be completed without the hold, but we still ended up with the first down 2 plays later. Drive ended with an interception and could’ve ended differently if the penalty didn’t happen. I cant really speculate too much on ifs and not. 

2. Chris Hope: Offsides on 3rd and 9 on Titans 43

The play would’ve halted the drive, as the receiver was stopped short of the first down. However, the Falcons got another chance, converted the first down and ended with a field goal. So, the Falcons ended with 3 points extra on our lack of discipline. (-3 in score)

3. Finnegan: Illegal contact on 3rd and 10 on Falcons 40

What a horrible call. Reciever initiated contact giving Falcons a fresh set of downs which would have stalled the drive as we stopped them on 3rd down. Falcons ended up with a touchdown. (-10 in total score – though a BS call)

4.  Not a penalty, but a miscall by refrees on the last offensive play before the half where the refs missed an obvious PI on the defender on DWill. It would’ve given us a first and goal and we would’ve had at least 2 chances at the goal line rather than going for the FG. In my opinion, with Hasselbeck and his efficiency in the red zone this year, I believe we would’ve gotten a TD in at least 2 tries. Thus, we should’ve come up with 4 more points.

To sum up, the lack of discipline is really frustrating and it ended up giving the Falcons 10 extra points (3 points really being our fault). However, I think the bigger story is the bad refreeing, giving the Falcons the chance to get that TD from the third point above and possibly costing us 4 points on that miscall (an 11 point swing). Furthermore, they did make some bad calls on other plays, but fortunately didn’t cost too much (ex. Hayes – roughness on QB). So, even though the discipline is a huge concern moving forward, the refs played a huge part in our loss yesterday.  

Again, this is my view, and hopefully you guys can provide further insight to the refreeing and the penalties. 

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