Tell me the Plan

Since I do not have any friends here who talk, listen, or really watch Titan football, I put my reactions here. I love when people post responses and feedback. Here are 3 points from yesterdays game.


 1. Who QBs the rest of the season does not matter.

-I am all in for whatever plan the regime decides. I think having Jake sit for some time is beneficial to him. I think Matty has done a descent job running the ship, and realistically this offense is not really going anywhere fast. The plan must be to have Jake start next year though. While, I do not put much stock in the results of yesterdays 2nd half, Jake throws a better ball than Matty does and is far more athletic.


2. They must drastically upgrade the offensive line.

-I think that yesterday showed that we are not far at all from seeing an explosive offense in Tennessee. The pieces seem to be in place, the only players needed are on the Oline. Britt, DWill, and Nate, have all shown this year that they should be able to put it together and be a solid receiving corps. Do ya'll remember what CJ was able to do when he had a mobile QB, and did not have a statue? I think CJ could really show life with Jake under center, and the ETA should still be next year, but I am not writing CJ off until some life exists under center. Please get some OLine help tho for this crew.

3. The AFC is wide open.

-Do I like our chances? Not really. Do I think that we have as good a shot as anyone at the 6 seed in the playoffs? Yes.

Stop rooting against Houston. They have a good team this year, and they are 2.5 games ahead of us with 6 to play. Cinci may not be that good of a team and is 1.5 games ahead to play.

Realistically looking at schedules, the Jets, Bengals, and Titans will be fighting for the 6 seed. We should be favored in every game the rest of the season except New Orleans at home until the last game of the season. 

We in agreement that this doable? Granted if Houston chokes, great. But, lets root against Cinci please.


4. I think the Defense deserves a C for yesterdays game.

-The showed better life than I think MCM has given em credit for. Atlanta is a super tough matchup for them, and with additional discipline, and those 2 awful penalties, it is a different performance. This D is drastically better than the shitshow we watched last year. I am holding out hope that they play well from here on in.




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