North American Football League: MCM Division Week 4 Recap




First, I would like to apologise for being for the most part, inactive when it comes to posting my scouting reports on our opponents. I have been busy with college applications and other personal matters.  I felt I owed my readers an explanation for my absence.

Now I will begin this recap by giving a brief overview of each team in the Continental (MCM) division of the North American Fantasy Football Keeper League, so without further adieu...

1. The Highlanders (Myself)  Overall Record: 4-0-0 Division Record: 4-0-0

The Highlanders have mostly got by on offense with the superb play of Tom Brady who has earned The Highlanders a team high 110.12 fantasy points.  Although the Highlanders are not an incredibly deep team on offense they make up for that on the defensive side of the ball with the help of Ed Reed (62 pts), Tamba Hali (63 pts), Justin Tuck (), Dwight Freeney (), LaMarr Woodleyand DeMarcus Ware (52 pts).  The Highlanders have put themselves on the fast track to a playoff spot by winning their first 4 division games.  However, with an injury to Tom Brady, The Highlanders' hopes of an NAFL title will more than likely go down the drain.

2. CJ2K (CJ2K) Overall Record: 3-1-0 Division Record: 1-1-0

CJ2K has preformed extremely well considering that Matt Cassel (CJ2K's QB), has been about as mediocre as Blaine Gabbert.  CJ2K's team features a dynamic tandem of MJD and Matt Forte which has combined for over 127 points!  His offense is completed with the receiving tandem of Vincent Jackson and Stevie Johnson which has produced over 108 points.  CJ2K's defense is pretty average, with only two players (Mason Foster and Roman Harper) managing over 60 points this season.  However, his leading scorer on defense (Roman Harper) has raised over 80 points for CJ2K in his pursuit for a division title.  CJ2K's team should be a real threat when it comes time for the playoffs and will be a tough out for any team facing this squad.  

3.  Straight Cash Homie (Titans_Firefighter)  Overall Record: 2-2-0 Division Record: 0-2-0

Straight Cash Homie's offense is a dynamic one that features Ray Rice (77.9 pts), Jermichael Finley (41.4 pts), and Julio Jones (33.3 pts).  However Straight Cash Homie has to face the up and down performances of Jay Cutler at the QB position.  This has resulted in some tough losses for Straight Cash Homie's team, especially in the division.  Straight Cash Homie's defense is really impressive featuring such stars as: Clay Matthews (30.5 pts), Haloti Ngata (65.8 pts), Robert Mathis (43.5 pts), Julius Peppers (40 pts), Sean Weatherspoon (70 pts), and Troy Polomalu (64.6 pts).  In a division predicated on defense, Straight Cash Homie has the clear advantage in the talent category, Straight Cash Homie's team's inconsistencies have resulted in a 2-2 record.  However, if this team can start to get into a groove and produce points on a consistent basis, this team can walk home with the first NAFL title.

 4. Criollo_pcg (Criollo_pcg) Overall Record: 2-2-0 Division Record: 1-1-0

Criollo_pcg has the most disappointing team this season.  With Chris Johnson, Antonio Gates, and Cedric Benson under preforming along with James Harrison being injured has put Criollo_pcg in a tough spot.  The emergence of Ryan Torrain and the recent recovery of Arian Foster has set him back even more with Ben Tate And Tim Hightower will no longer get the lion's share of the carries.  His defense has been the focal point for Criollo_pcg's team this year as Criollo_pcg has 5 players that have over 60 points.  The highest earner of those players is D'Qwell Jackson with 89.5 points earned!  Criollo_pcg will have a tough fight for a playoff spot but I believe, if his defense continues to play the way that it has, he will be in consideration for one of the wild card spots at the end of the season.

5. ByThePowerOfMunchack (ByThePowerOfMunchack!) Overall Record: 0-4-0 Division Record: 0-2-0

With Kenny Britt and Jamal Charles still on his roster along with half of ByThePowerOfMunchack's defense aren't even on a team, its no wonder why ByThePowerOfMunchack's team is winless this season.  ByThePowerOfMunchack's has a good team however he has obviously been inactive an his record shows that.  should ByThePowerOfMunchack choose to manage his team there is no doubt in my mind that he will have a chance at possibly taking the division title.

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