The Indianapolis Colts Players to Watch

Writer's Note:  Due to my recent concussion I have not been able to make Fanposts quite as often as I normally would.  I apologize.

Last Week for Indianapolis:

The Colts are coming off of a performance that NFL Network's Rich Eisen likened to "Slippery Rock College."  Not that Slippery Rock should be offended, because Slippery Rock probably could have beaten the Colts on Sunday night.  I even wonder why all the prime time Colts games have been opted out of by NBC and ESPN, yet because they are just that bad.  As a matter of fact the Colts were so bad, that the Onion reports that the Saints are continuing to beat them to this day.  This means the Colts will be looking for redemption against a faltering Titans team this week.

The Mathis and Freeney Sack Parade

If we cannot get the running game going against the Colts we are doomed to fail.  These tandem defensive ends will destroy us if we can't get the running game going.  The Steelers almost lost to the Colts because they couldn't get the running game going.  Freeny and Mathis are the best tandem pass rushers in the game and if we are going to win we are going to have to step it up in the running game this week, because as good as these two are rushing the passer, they are not as good against the run, to put it mildly.   Teams have been effective running a zone running style against the Colts defensive front.


Pierre Garcon

Garcon is Curtis Painter's go to man this season, and he has shown that he is more than capable of becoming a playmaker for this Colt offense.   The only problem with Garcon over his career, has been his inconsistent hands.  He can make spectacular one handed grabs while having a DB draped over him, but he can dropp a two yard hitch pass on the numbers with no one on him.  However, when he is hot, he is hot, and he can become as dangerous as Mike Wallace is for the Steelers.  He runs good routes and has the explosiveness necessary in order to become a good #2 in this league.  The Titans must look to contain him on defense this week or we could be in for a long one.


Delone Carter

The young rookie out of Syracuse has done a tremendous job out of the little reps he was given this season.  If the Titans play like they did last Sunday look for this kid to break out.  He is a one cut and up the field running back, which has been the Titans weakness the past two weeks who has a good burst and has home run hitting potential.  With Joseph Addai likely to see only third down action on Sunday due to his hamstring injury, Delone Carter will likely see most of the carries on Sunday.  The Titans defense will make a statement on Sunday if they can make Carter look like an out-of-place rookie on Sunday and silence some critics on this site, myself included.

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