Mike Reinfeldt = (Near) Failure at NFL drafting

As I was thinking about this team while puking in my toilet yesterday from the visual stimulant known as the Titans/Texans game.  Afterwards I started looking at our draft classes since Reinfeldt became general manager back in 2007.  Well some of our proof is in the pudding.  I am leaving the current 2011 draft class out of this because there isn't enough film or evidence to make judgments at this point and this doesn't include free agent/waiver pick ups.

I'll keep editorial to a minimum here, only because the visual sight of our draft classes is enough for most people to see the point here.

2007 NFL Draft (2/9 picks still on active roster)


  • Round 1 - Michael Griffin
  • Round 2 - Chris Henry
  • Round 3 - Paul Williams
  • Round 4 - Chris Davis
  • Round 5 - Antonio Johnson
  • Round 6 - Joel Filani
  • Round 6 - Jacob Ford
  • Round 6 - Ryan Smith
  • Round 7 - Mike Otto

2008 NFL Draft (5/7 picks still on active roster)

  • Round 1 - Chris Johnson
  • Round 2 - Jason Jones
  • Round 3 - Craig Stevens
  • Round 4 - William Hayes
  • Round 4 - Lavelle Hawkins
  • Round 4 - Stanford Keglar
  • Round 7 - Cary Williams

2009 NFL Draft (5/11 picks still on active roster)

  • Round 1 - Kenny Britt - IR
  • Round 2 - Sen'Derrick Marks
  • Round 3 - Jared Cook
  • Round 3 - Ryan Mouton - IR
  • Round 4 - Gerald McRath
  • Round 4 - Troy Kropog
  • Round 5 - Javon Ringer
  • Round 6 - Jason McCourty
  • Round 6 - Dominique Edison
  • Round 7 - Ryan Durand
  • Round 7 - Nick Schommer

2010 NFL Draft (5/9 picks still on active roster)

  • Round 1 - Derrick Morgan
  • Round 3 - Damian Williams
  • Round 3 - Rennie Curran
  • Round 4 - Alterraun Verner
  • Round 5 - Robert Johnson
  • Round 6 - Rusty Smith
  • Round 6 - Myron Rolle
  • Round 7 - Marc Mariani
  • Round 7 - David Howard

Out of 36 of Reinfeldt's draft picks only 17 of them are currently playing football on the field for the Titans.
That includes 4 starters on offense - 3 starters on defense and 1 on special teams (the 2011 class doesn't count here.)
Here's some editorial on the remaining players Reinfeldt has drafted for the active team.  The X's indicate that I don't believe the player will or deserves to be a 2012 Titan.


X Michael Griffin - overrated, constantly taking bad angles on big plays, probably not a 2012 Titan

Mike Otto - a versatile, career backup of an Olineman

Chris Johnson - *See partial 2011 NFL Season

Jason Jones - a potentially dominant Dlineman, struggles with injuries

Craig Stevens - highly touted by some, his run blocking and pass catching is not making an impact

X William Hayes - there's a reason he wasn't on the draft board, mediocre and lacks playmaking skills

X Lavelle Hawkins - *See career stats, has probably only lasted this long to console the Pacman Jones pick.

X Sen'Derrick Marks - 1 sack and 44 tackles in 3 NFL seasons

Jared Cook - traded a 2nd pick to draft, big play capability but only catches 2-3 balls a game.

X Gerald McRath - looks lost on the field, has virtually zero 2011 production after a mediocre first 2 years.

Javon Ringer - also known as CJ's shadow, good runner, mediocre talent ... hard to say at this point really...

Jason McCourty - one of Reiny's best picks IMO, possible longterm starter after rough rookie season

Derrick Morgan - great all-around DE with potential, missed most of 2010, 2 sacks so far in 2011

X Damian Williams - nicknamed Avatar by Vince Young, averaging 2 catches per game in 2011

Alterraun Verner - after a wonderful rookie season he has 8 tackles in six games in 2011

X Rusty Smith - bwahahaha

Marc Mariani - very solid return man, has yet to make any impact on offense

So out of 36 NFL draft picks and 4 draft classes we have around 10 players worth keeping on our team.  Without any comparison to other NFL teams I still think that is an atrocious percentage. It's obvious that the NFL Combine was Reinfeldt's nemesis for the first couple of seasons judging by how few of the players stuck around for even two seasons.

Hopefully the 2011 draft class will buck this trend, but I firmly believe we blame part of our current situation on the lack of quality drafting ... especially when it comes to starters.  Reinfeldt can definitely identify physical talent, but I don't think he has quite grasped the broad concept of how to put a cohesive team together through drafting (or free agency.)

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