Why I'm not Committing Ritual Suicide

Other than the fact it's really messy.



Coming out and laying an egg like that with a home game against a division rival in a year when the Colts are in a rare free-fall is a massive opportunity lost.  The Titans were awful in almost all aspects of the game in the biggest game they have played in a long while, with a home-field advantage.  If there weren't people wearing sacks in the crowd, there sure should have been.

Granted, the Houston coach is absolutely playing for his job this year, and our guy is definitely not, but I really can't see that excusing a turd of that magnitude in the fans' backyard.  Seriously, that performance was stinky.

So, in this haze of gloom and doom, there are a few reasons I'm not reaching for my sword and calling my second:

  • Hasslebeck (or however the hell you spell it) was a great pickup, and I'm still pumped about what Locker could be.
  • I'm convinced we have a good defensive coach, and probably a good head coach.  I'm not sure about the offensive line and offensive coordinator coaching, but willing to give that some time.
  • I don't think our GM is an idiot.  He's at least pretty good, and maybe really good.
  • We're still going to get a lot of trade value out of CJ if he continues to get 0.5 yards per carry.  No matter how awful he is this year, every team in the league will assume he's still got the Djinni in the bottle and there are other issues besides him, and will bite on a trade.
  • We have a few players that just aren't cutting it that need to go.  This includes almost every WR we have except for Nate and Britt, and Mariani for returns (although that may be a pass, too, given the new rule).  It includes a couple of safeties, and at least one linebacker.  It's not so many that it's impossible to upgrade those positions in one season, particularly if we trade the 52 million dollar dud.
  • The OL needs re-working, but we have a coach that should know who to go out to get to get it done.  I'm assuming he gets past the "I built this line, so it has to be good' mentality, and comes to terms with the fact that while it is pass blocking reasonably well, it cannot run block at all.  The guy should know how to address that in the next offseason.
  • If CJ continues to suck, we'll get to see if Ringer and Harper are any good.  It's always nice to check out the depth.
  • I wasn't really expecting to see the playoffs this year, anyway.  The Baltimore game was a tease, but after they have clearly demonstrated that performance was an outlier, I'm back to my before-season expectations:  middleish-poor season.
  • We need a killer TE.  I don't think we have one.  Cook aint it.  He's more like an unreliable WR than a killer TE.  So add that to the shopping list for the future ;-).  Actually this isn't a reason I'm forestalling suicide, but I'm putting it here anyway.

So, don't jump off any cliffs guys.  Or run over yourself.  Or stick your finger in the light socket.  etc. etc.

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