Making Due Just Won't Cut it Anymore: Opening up a Serious Can of  Rage.

I never thought that being an Orioles fan could look so appealing. Seriously. This is the one year that I've actually been more excited about baseball season starting up than I was about the middle of the NFL season. I've been content to just sit back and take it for some of these seasons, better times are on the horizon, it's always darkest before dawn, and so on and so on, but this one really struck a nerve. Something inside me has been stomped on by watching these guys.

This team is a total wreck. Fisher's empire of dirt and castles of sand have all come crashing down with a fury and now the fans are left to sift through the rubble and pick up what remains. What's that on the floor over there? The thing that's been beaten to shit with a lead pipe? Oh...that's my dignity.

A last place finish? You can't be serious. When's the last time a team with this much talent went 1-8 down the stretch and went out with a pathetic cry for help after beginning with such a roar? It's hard to keep the faith, it really is. I see these Ravens and Steelers fans getting geared up for the playoffs and guess what, that's not all they have that we don't. Those teams have won the big one. They've were the team that didn't come up one yard short. It makes me sick that in all of the years of our existence and with seventeen years worth of coaching stability that we couldn't come out on top just once. Seriously, this guy was hired the year I was born for God's sake. Since then, we've seen twelve teams reach the ultimate prize. Two of those teams were the Bucs and the Saints. Raise your hand if you expected to have not won a Super Bowl by the time the Bucs and Saints got theirs. 

Fish, I really appreciate what you've been able to do for this team in years past, but please do everyone a favor and just resign. You simply don't have the personnel to run your type of game and that's cool, just find somewhere where you can do it and milk that sucker for all it's worth, don't drag us down because we don't fit your style of play. Don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining, you knew what this was.

Vince, look man I've got nothing but love for you outside of how you handled this situation and I sit here wishing it didn't have to be this way. Of course then, I realize it didn't. If you had just decided to speak up earlier and be a man like you're doing here then I could have forgiven much more easily. You owned up to your mistakes but it's too little too late man. You've successfully set this team 3-4 years back and have ruined any chances of competing next year, whether it was your fault or not. I'm really glad that you decided to accept responsibility for your actions even though there are plenty of folks out there who would say it wasn't your fault, but it also hurts to have to see a guy like you, who was just short of a god (minor deity, at least) to my 11 year old self when you were drafted, go out like this. I only wish you could've done something sooner to save not only your reputation, but this team's chances of being successful for a long, long time. 

In short, I won't soon forget this chapter in Titans history and wish you the best of luck anywhere you go and understand that this is the best move for everyone involved. You can now get your wish and play with a coach who trusts you and I really hope it works out well. (unless it's Jacksonville because seriously; fuck those guys. Don't sign with Jacksonville Vince, they're an embarrassment to the league) 

How about you defense? What do you have to say for yourselves? You disappointed me like I didn't think you could this year. Don't act offended when we said you gave up this year, it was pretty clear you did. It's not like you guys went out there with an "I don't give a fuck" attitude, I just don' t think it was a team-wide effort is all I'm saying.

Really though,  this could apply to the team as a whole. Your freaking coach has cancer and you can't go out there and give it all you've got for him? I know that if he were my coach that I'd play my ass of for free, that guy deserves everything he's got coming to him. Seriously though, that's messed up. He's coming in for your benefit, not his. He's coming in because he loves to watch you succeed more than he loves himself. Take notes fellas, the 'Dinger loves you guys.

Am I being over-dramatic? Yes. Without a doubt, I am. It's only a game, this doesn't affect me in any way unless I choose to let it. but I need to get this off my chest. Here's to better days and a big fucking ring with lots of big fucking diamonds on it and one massive, shiny trophy. Go Titans.

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