My intentions for the 2011 Titans

The smartest thing for us to do at the QB position is keep VY at least until his contract is up, this is to minimize paying him a lump sum of money while he plays for another team. No team is going to trade for VY when the team has already announced to release him anyway. Releasing VY is going to cost us more money than firing Jeff Fisher did. So how do you intent on bringing in good coaches and players and high draft picks through the draft if we are wasting money paying people to leave?

This is why I say keep VY as the starting QB, let Kerry Collins go because he’s not any form or fashion part of this teams future. Sign a new QB to at least start learning the play book along with whatever system the new coaching decide to bring it; then see if Jeff Fisher was really the reason VY had so many personal issues. If VY still has issues and doesn’t play well then don’t resign him the in 2011. This way we won’t have any ties left to him.

I like VY but at the same time I love my team and want them to do well, sometimes I’ve gotten very frustrated with what have went on as far as the organization goes; but when the smoke clears it all comes down to what works for this team and not what the fans want.

This is how I think our roster should look next year.

Listed starters through bottom of the roster:

QB- VY, Rusty Smith, Rookie QB (either 1st or 2nd round guy)

RB- Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer, Stafon Johnson (he’s still on the roster) along with Herb Donaldson but he can stay on practice squad.

FB- Arhmad Hall

TE- Jared Cook, Bo Scaife, Craig Stevens and maybe a Rookie TE (lower rounds)

I’m skipping O-line because that takes a lot more time to analyze (I would draft an Offensive linemen and also try to strengthen the position through free agency.)

WR- Kenny Britt, Randy Moss, Nate Washington, Damian Williams, Marc Mariani, Lavelle Hawkins (Hawkins uses by game basis)

DL- Jason Jones, Tony Brown, Sen'Derrick Marks, Jovan Haye (Unless Hayes contract is up then I would say let him go and draft a Rookie 2nd or 3th round)

DE- Derrick Morgan, Jason Babin, Jacob Ford, William Hayes, (Dave Ball if possible)

LB- Will Witherspoon, Stephen Tulloch, Gerald McRath, Tim Shaw, Colin Allred, (Then draft two LBs preferably One High and one mid round.)

 CB- Cortland Finnegan, Alteran Verner, Jason McCourty, Draft one high round CB Preferably 3rd or 4th and if possible look for another late round)

S- Michael Griffin, Chris Hope (replace him soon as possible with one of the proven younger safeties) Vincent Fuller, Nick Schommer, Robert Johnson (Hoping either Schommer or Johnson replaces Hope.)

Return Men- Marc Mariani and Yamon Figurs (Preferably they take turns on Kickoffs, but Mariani runs all punts)

Kickers remain the same.  Rob Bironas, Brett Kern  

To me this is the roster that will save us the most money, and allow us to see the potential of our new coaches. Good coaches could make this roster work!

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