My Take On Our Draft

Well, over the past few weeks we've had our fair share of rational arguments as well as sheer stupidity. I joined this site to talk about the Tennessee Titans and i've come to realize that not all Titans fans can coexist and I'm OK with that. There are set to be conflicting viewpoints on many subjects and that's what makes me appreciate this site all the more. 

Now that I've gotten that out of the way let's move on to the draft....

Round 1: Von Miller

What i know is that there are wholes on defense, most specifically at LB and S. If we are able to resign Jason Babin (which i'm taking into account with this pick) we won't need to draft a DE, so i have the Titans taking Miller. A vocal leader in his time at Texas A & M, Miller might be just what the Titans need in terms of leadership as well as pure skill at the LB position. I've recently seen on twitter that Miller is stout at coverage and as we all know, our LBs arent very good at that. On passing downs Miller can also blitz very well and hopefully with some creative coordinator can set up decoy blitzes from the LB spot. 

2nd Pick: Jake Locker

I actually say we trade up into the late 1st round and take Locker (obviously only if HE is there). Locker's only knock has been his accuracy and he'll have his chance to improve or hurt his draft stock depending on his performance in the senior bowl and the combine. If he does happen to fall to the late 1st we should move up and take him. The athleticism is there and so is the arm strength. I dont know who will be coaching up our QB's next year but if Locker can fix his accuracy issues, he can be a very good QB in the NFL, and clearly we need one not only for now but for the future. 

3rd Round: Lee Ziemba 

Not sure if he's projected as a Tackle or Guard, but for my sake let's say he will be a Guard in the NFL. This dude is a big boy at 6'6 320 lbs and we need a mauler in the interior of our Offensive Line as Leroy Harris just didn't get it done, Jake Scott can't stay on our side of the ball, and Eugene Amano needs no comment. A 4-year starter at Auburn Ziemba was a smart and talented Offensive Lineman and we can use him to shore up our interior blocking.


That's all i have for now so feel free to call me an idiot and what not. That's just my take and i'm all for argument and discussion so fire away!


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