Save the season mock plus offseason

MHO Guide to Restoring our franchise.


Since I don't think there will be a lockout.I thought I'd share my thought's with every one.


The Problem

Overall Poor play calling, mediocre coaching on both sides of the ball, undisciplined team injuries, poor O-line play, Poor linebacker coverage,mediocer secondary play and QB vs coach drama.

The solution- If he returns this season Unleash Mike Heimerdinger. Give him full control over the offense, Jeff Fisher's old school offensive approach is what is holding this team back, (Vince was not Steve McNair and CJ is not Eddie George) which is also the reason he's on the hot-seat and his corodinators are bolting for other teams.The Titans have a Dream team on offense(Like is on sum ol Madden ish!) and he still can't put it together. I hear people say it's because of Vince, I believe what Vince said in his last interview to be true. "Jeff Fisher never trusted me" Your QB is facing a top 3 defense plus Dick Lebeau, so you pull him for Kerry Collins........yea.....good call coach. I'm not going any further into the whole YV-Fisher Debate. As much as it pains me to say it, Fisher is still here and Vince is gone.

Fisher needs to stop with the whole loyalty to starters crap, Anytime you have Randy Moss and Kenny Britt on your roster and can't not find a way to get them on the field at the say time, you not longer belong in the top 5 coach catorgory. 

Fisher's call to release Chuck Cecil has also left the titans with 2 major positions to fill. Instead of flat our releasing him I would have demoted him back to his original title. While he wasn't a good DC he was a slightly above average secondary coach.


In a nut shell we started off good and simply could not finish. Injuries, Penalties(the ones we earned anyway).......I guess i'll throw this one in here questionable officiating, head scratcher decisions and lack of adjustments and everything I stated above killed our season.

The QB situation.

I would either as I stated in one of my previous post bring In Brady Quinn or Troy Smith for this year have him compete against Kerry and focus all of my attention toward fixing the defense or another young QB who could take the regines and end up being our franchise signel caller. If he( the young QB) beats KC Have him start this would give him a one year audition. The offense the Titans has should help bring along any QB. If he pans out we have our franchise QB if not we cut him and try to find a way to get Andrew Luck.....Josh Johnson for a 4th or a 5th also sounds like a good option as well.


Justin Gage- Thanks for the good times. See ya 12 Gage.

Ryan Mouton (cut)- Never lived up his draft pick status. I wish he would have.

Bo Scaife (released- Stevens and Cook played alot better than Scaife this year. Fisher made it clear he won't be back.

Donny Nickey (cut)- The emergence to Tim Shaw and Patrick Bailey spell doom for Nickey.

Chris Hope-He was a beast in the past but his age caught up to his this season.

Vince Young (Cut) -.........SMH.........

Free Agents

Brandon Mebane- Would be a fit to our 4-3 and 3-4 packages in the 4-3 he's the big body we were missing and  an end in 3-4.

Ron Edwards- Here we find our nose. A one year stop-gap vet.

Round1 (8# overall) - Prince Amukamara CB, Nebraska- Amukamara would be a hugh upgrade to the Defense overall.( I know your gonna give me hell for this ) IHMO Finny is a solid number 2. The year he went to the pro bowl he played right side corner, the #2 wideout usually plays the right side. This year he was exposed. He struggles against bigger receiver's. Prince would give us the balance we need to face bigger wideout’s.

Round2 (39# overall)- Sione Fua, NT, Stanford - With Mangini calling the plays on D I think drafting a young stud at the nose position would not only give up much needed depth for the 3-4 package.Plus I highly doubt the Titans would go into the season with only 1 nose tackle.

Round3 (77# overall) - Deunta Williams- With Chris Hope gone I don't think the titans go into the season with Nick Schommer and project safety Robert Johnson. Deunta Williams is the ballhawking talent the titans have been lacking across from Griffin this year.

Round4 (108# overall) - John Moffitt, G/C, Wisconsin-John Moffitt was an All-Big Ten first-teamer. Played center before the 2009 season. The Titans could use the help in the center/left guard position. Moffitt will be unseating Harris or Amano maybe by mid-season.

Round5 (139# overall) - Charlie Gantt, TE, Michigan State - A great blocker who can come in and play special teamer.

Round6 (170# overall) -BPA-

Round7 (201# overall) -BPA-

I know you all have lots to say so lets hear it.

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