The Beginning

NASHVILLE TN - SEPTEMBER 02: Alterraun Verner #20 of the Tennessee Titans tackles Montez Billings #89 of the New Orleans Saints during an exhibition game at LP Field on September 2 2010 in Nashville Tennessee. Tennessee won 27-24. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Hello MCM and Titan fans, 

Sorry for my long hiatus, I have been very busy with the team and getting ready for these past games. 

So camp has been finished for a while and I am excited to finally get through it. It was definitely a grind, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Through the pains and the gains, I learned a lot from it and I think I have been preparing well for the season. I was very fortunate going against the stable of receivers that we have which prepared me for the receivers I faced in the games. I played against some speed, strength, and route running through our guys. So that is what helped me adjust. 

Surprises of camp have to be Marc Mariani, this guy is a football player and he has performed in practice and every time he touched the ball in the preseason. We got to find a way to incorporate him on Sundays! I think Javon ringer has been solid as well. On defense I believe almost everyone been consistent and capable. I have really been impressed with Stephen Tulloch, Jason Jones mostly. They show up and make plays everywhere. Our secondary has been excellent. It is a pleasure watching our safety play. The rookie safeties and I been working hard trying to get down the plays and been working together to try to help this team. I believe the corners been playing pretty well especially due to the amount of reps we have to take. It was great seeing Cortland get back out there at practice and in the game. He will be ready to go and be as exciting as ever come Sept. 12th. I can’t wait to see it for myself. 

Me personally in the preseason, I have been extremely blessed this whole time. I have just been having so much fun and just being allowed to play football. What can I say? Had the privilege to start two games and gained some valuable lessons. Especially in the Carolina game when I guessed on a route and almost cost our team 7 points. I was so upset with myself, but I learned from that play to be more honest/disciplined because it can cost the team. I wish I were able to go against the starting receivers for the saints because they look really good and I think I would have gotten some good work. But I learned from the sidelines. I was glad I was able to start playing some special teams and making some plays finally, which made me satisfied. 

Now to the cornerback competition which most people would like to know. I have no report for you unfortunately. They have not made any decisions. But we have all played so well that the decision must be really tough and whichever man they go with will be a good choice. I feel we can all get the job done. It is not in my hands so I will let God show me the way like he ahs for the rest of my life. I am ready to do my part, in whatever facet that will be in because I sincerely believe we can make it far this year! 

Today is cut day for the team and I have no clue who will be here and who will go. It will be a sad day and day I won’t like too much for a long time to come. But I understand the business side of things. But this also signifies that the season is finally upon us and it is time to prepare for this first game against the Raiders. I can’t wait to see the real deal now. I can’t wait to see CJ2K play a full game and our defense a full time! Hopefully I will be out there numerous times as well. So all in all, been a successful and productive couple weeks being a Titan. I’m glad we got the win Thursday and finished out 2-2, but we are looking for a much better record to start out. Stay tuned to the Titans because we got some things in stored for the NFL this year. I can’t wait for opening kickoff at noon against the Raiders. What a better way to start it off but to beat a team close to my home! 

Also, follow me on twitter @alvern_1 or hit me up on formspring at 

Have a blessed day everyone, 


Alterraun Verner #20.

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