Since Jeff Fisher has been coach

A lot lately has been made of Jeff Fisher and his decision to bench VY.  That has spurred many debate on if Fisher is a good coach.  Some has come down to winning percentage and the fact he does not have a superbowl ring. 


I have always stood by that Fisher does MORE with less than anyone in the league.  In an attempt to prove this I’ve decided to look at all the superbowl winning rosters since Fisher has become coach in 1994.


1994  - Dallas Cowboys

Aikman, Smith, Irvin, Moose, etc

1995 – San Francisco 49ers

Young, Rice, Norton, Harris

1996 – Dallas Cowboys

See above

1997 – Green Bay packers

Farve, white, Chmura, brooks, Freeman, howard

1998 – Denver Broncos

Elway, Davis, McCaffery, Zimmerman, Smith, Sharpe, ect

1999 – Denver Broncos

See above

2000 – St. Louis Rams

Bruce, Faulk, Warner, holt, carter – a LB in the wrong spot but got lucky

2001 – Baltimore Ravens

Lewis, McAlister, McCrary, Ogden, this team was about Defense obviously

2002 – New England Patriots

Brady, Branch, Brown, Law, ect

2003 – Tampa Bay Buc’s

Alstott, Barber, brooks, Jackson, Johnson, Lynch.  Another team about defense

2004 – New England Patriots

See above

2005 – New England Patriots

See above

2006 – Pittsburg Steelers

Bettis, Big Ben, Ward,

2007 – Indy Colts

Manning, Wayne, Harrison, Clark

2008 – New York Giants

Manning, Tuck, strahan

2009 – Pittsburg Steelers

See above

2010 – New Orleans Saints

Bree’s, Colston, Sharper, shockey


The one thing all these teams have in common except maybe 2 (ravens, buc’s) they have HOF QB’s or potential HOF QB’s.  Rosters on the earlier team’s are loaded with HOF’ers

As much as I love Wycheck, Mason, Rolle, Roberston, McNair, Kearse and so forth.  I’m not sure how many will end up as HOF’ers.  George would be to me, McNair is probably on the outside looking in even though I would take him as my QB over many of the superbowl winners. 


I’m not the best at writing post here, but the one thing I ask everyone to think about is the past rosters that Fisher has had to work with and tell me, was 8-8 seasons failures? 

Think of Fisher with the early Cowboys roster.  And then think Chan Gailey won a superbowl with them, would you say Gailey is a better coach than fisher because of his superbowl?


If we don't have Fisher then who do we get and what do we get? 

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