I was just in the Tennessean Comments Section and Pay Dearly for it

Wow, is not only the writers and reporters that are crap, at least there is a reason (a crappy one) for that. The VY hate there is horrible, they make Joy Kat look like a VY fan. You read the drivel posted there is unbelievable, a few examples for you cringe are: 


  Young played decent at best. He played within the system and this shows how Fisher wants to win. Does it produce playoff wins? Rarely. But, he is doing what he can within Young's limits.

Face the facts. Young's blackness helps him more than it hurts him. If he wasnt black and ol' Buds favorite, he would probably be getting an advanced degree in public speaking and playing football at the park.

There are some real deal QBs in the NFL and some also rans. Real deal--Rivers, Brees, Manning, Vick, Farve, Brady, Romo

Young won yesterday but that really doesn't tell the whole story. He was very average--the Giants totally blew up and gave away the game. He got a win but his performance--mediocre

I have seen VY LOSE some games with poor choices--but after his rookie season, I havent really seen him drive the ball and win a game all on his own like a Peyton, a Rivers, a Romo, a Brees, a Farve, a Marino, a Big Ben.Take up for him--that's ok. But he isnt a top quality QB. Dont measure him up for the HOF--that aint him. Average, mediocre, journeyman, plodder, slow witted whatever!! But not one of the great ones!!

First of all, Vince won 8 out of 10 games that he started in last year. Secondly, he only played a major part in the win over the Cardinals in Week 12 last season. He was just as much of a game manager last season as Kerry Collins was the season before.

You need to step back and look at what is going on. VY will never be able to compete in this league

This is a gem:

With the toughest schedule in the league this year, it should measure him out nicely. Let's see how he does. Oh! since you guys love to tout his W-L record as the measure of his greatness. How many head to head wins does VY have over P. Manning?

At least htis one doesn't put too high of a goal to meet:

If we are in the playoffs this year and he wins a playoff game, if he can pass for 225 yds/game against the good and the bad teams with a 2:1 TD to interception ratio...won't be any problems for me

And this goes on an on, is hard to believe that this people know anything about football. Every story after a win or a loss turn to the same crap. VY hater vs VY fan boys. I'm so happy I found MCM, this is by far the best place to discuss Titans. Before that it was me having to go through that mess in the Tennessean. 

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