All Of My Feelings About Week 2

There's a lot of stuff flying around about last weeks loss and I feel like putting my thoughts into a few comments here and there just wouldn't do the job this time, so here we go.

Issue #1: The Quarterback "Situation". 

Notice it's in quotes. There's no situation at all to speak of if we're talking about who's going to start. Vince is the starter next week, he'll probably be the starter the week after that and the week after that too. Yeah, the benching pissed me off and pissed off a lot of other people too, but that isn't to say he won't be the starter unless this totally screws up his psyche which I don't see happening, as much as I hate to say it, it seems like he's motivated (via Twitter!) There are tons of reasons he shouldn't have been benched. To name a few:


  • It's a 10 point game at the end of the third quarter. One good drive puts you right back in it if you even consider 10 points a deficit. 
  • Vince has been clutch as hell in the past. Music City March, Natl. Championship, etc. 
  • Kerry Collins is bad
  • It gives assholes like Denton Ramsey (article #4 in the Morning Links) an excuse to put pen to paper
  • It creates another quarterback "controversy"
  • The Steelers D might just be the best in the league this year; Vince Young threw THREE (count 'em!) THREE incomplete passes all day. It was only ten attempts, but where does three incomplete passes and getting stripped by an unblocked James Harrison deserve a benching? Call it what you want, rattled, frustrated, whatever, you've got to let the captain go down with the ship and let him come out more experienced after it.  
  • Kerry Collins is bad
  • The O-line had it's hands full all day with the Pittsburgh front seven. The LB corp is extremely deep and talented, the line has some studs on it, and all of this combined with a dehydrated Mike Otto and a questionable Michael Roos and you have a recipe for disaster for any quarterback, even one as mobile as Vince Young.
  • We all know this by now, but there were plenty of quarterbacks playing worse football on Sunday, September 19, at around 3 PM Central Time.
  • He clearly doesn't react well to this kind of thing...what, too soon?
  • Oh, and did I mention, KERRY COLLINS SUCKS!

So there's that, agree, disagree, I don't care, all I'm saying is that Vince didn't need to be benched.

Issue #2: The Defense.

Something positive to take away however was the  incredible defense that we're playing right now. With all the turnovers that we gave up in that game they could have just mailed it in and been content to simmer but they fought hard until the end and because of it, we almost came out with a chance to send it to overtime in the end there. Oh and as a small detail, WE HAVE THE NUMBER ONE DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE in terms of yards allowed. I couldn't be happier with the way that Griff has stepped it back up to 2008 level, the D-line is penetrating and punishing, Derrick Morgan looks great, and the LB corp does what a Titans LB corp does best; be anonymously good.

Issue (and boy do I mean ISSUE) #3: The Offense.

In short, it was offensive.

CJ2K had a good game if you add that touchdown that was called back for "holding" on Amano halfway across the field. A 110 yard game against the Steelers is no joke. Too bad it was called back and the pursuit of Barry Sanders' record is over for now. It was still a hell of a run CJ. Even though there were a few chances that he had to break runs, he was totally worn out by the third quarter, Pittsburgh's defense was punishing yesterday, the heat was clearly affecting everyone on the field, and after taking that kind of beating, he looked exhausted out there. Ringer was non-existent after a solid first week scoring a touchdown against the Raiders to open up the year. The passing game, well it was decidedly average. Had VY been able to hang onto the ball better he probably would have stayed in. His pick in the end zone ended up being huge for Pittsburgh. I actually thought that Collins looked pretty good out there until I realized Pittsburgh wasn't bringing nearly as much pressure and he still threw a pick and fumbled. He threw a touchdown and lead a nice drive against the soft prevent D. Nate Washington still looks like our best receiver this year which is both a good and a bad thing. He caught the only touchdown of the day but Justin Gage actually lead the team in receiving yards and Britt was again a non-factor aside from the 2-point conversion.


Self-explanatory. Seven. Turnovers. The good news is that we only lost by eight points (hats off to the defense yet again) and won't have to see this team again for awhile if at all. The bad news is we play another team that really likes to rush the passer and isn't half bad at doing it next week. Picks weren't as much of an issue as fumbles. It's suddenly like we've got a whole team of Adrian Peterson's. If K-Bull forces a fumble I may just cry and with the way our line has played, I may be in need of more tissues. 

Issue #5: The Play Calling.

Dick LeBeau is a genius. Mike Heimerdinger is not. That is all.

Just kidding there's more. If you watched it, you know that the play-calling was just abysmal. It's like the 'Dinger forgot that he's coaching a bunch of guys who do this for a living, not the St. Louis Rams. 

This about wraps it up, I have some more stuff that I think I'm probably forgetting about, but if I remember it I'll just edit it in. So go to it, tell me what you think.

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