Over-trained Athlete Syndrome Rant

Time to rant....Listening to Houston talk radio for my commute to and from work has me all worked up.

On Cushing....

First it was a tumor and that he is afraid that he might die.  After that excuse didn't work.  He then he flew around the country trying to find a doctor, any doctor, to claim that hCG is produced naturally in the body at the levels that he tested positive for.  That didn't happen either.

Now it is Over-trained athlete syndrome.  Right.

Nevermind those words have never been strung together before his dumb butt did.

But out of all the athletes that ever been tested.  All the athletes that played football, baseball, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, boxing, track, cycling, tennis, all the Olympics sports, etc, etc, etc.....out of all those thousands and thousands of high level athletes, not one, not a single one as ever trained as hard as Cushing.

Only Brian Cushing has ever trained so hard to pass this magical threshold that the body the male body then produces hCG.  And since he is the first ever athlete to train this hard, no doctor was ever aware of this syndrome until Brian Cushing and his idiot Texan/Jersey trainers told them about it.

And we should just ignore the fact that he is a Jersey Juice head that has had steriod rumors follow him his whole football career.

On Goodell

Roger, you just made a mockery of the appeals process.  Cushing was flagged a year ago.  He went through all the levels of appeals that are allowed in the agreement between the Players Union and the Owners/League.  He lost all of them. 

Yet, if an owner asks for an extra special appeal process, it is granted. 

If a player asks for that, they are told no. 

How is that legal, let alone fair?

During the star-caps case, one of the NFL arguments was that the players used all their appeals and the court case was circumventing the agreement the players union and nfl made.

But when an owner wants an extra special, pretty-please appeal, it is granted.

What bullshit.

Every player should now get a chance for his owner to come up with some bogus excuse and another chance at the ruling over-turned. 

If McGrath loses the appeal on his case, then Bud Adams should get to have another chance beyond what is agreed upon in the CBA.

Goodell just made a mockery of every agreement in the CBA.

On Texan fans...

You are all a bunch of morons.  I can't count how many people, ever since this whole thing was announced months ago, call into sports talk radio defending this guy. 

Every argument defending him defies logic.  I gotta believe these idiots have an IQ someone just south of a dead opossum.  

In addition to being complete homers that can't use basic logic and reasoning, you don't understand statistical projection.  Everytime someone from Football Outsiders comes on the radio, afterwards every caller says the same thing.  "If these nerds could write a book, then so could I".  "These dorks don't know anything about football." "I can't believe these math dorks get paid for sprouting off their nonesense."  Of course, the texan fans are mad because they weren't projected to win the division, which is what they think will happen each year.

Which brings me to the next trait of Texan fans.  They have a severe inferiority complex.  They want nothing more than to be better than their older brother (the titans).  They act like they won the super bowl after their 2 wins against the titans the last 2 seasons.  You would have thought it was the culmination of a 19-0 season after each of those 2 wins.  And what about all those prime-time losses to VY and the Titans?  More crying and whining than I have ever heard.


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