Who will step up in 2010? [Update x1]

Before my fan post was not very optimistic, but this one will be.As we close the book on the "roller-coaster" season of 2009 I have a few questions on the attitude of our team as well as how competitive will we be.  After recouping from what was a very bad week overall for me I bring you who I think should stand out in 2010.


Vince Young

Vince has shown the leadership qualities on the field and off the field that he was lacking from his draft day on.  After the incident in Dallas I was impressed with how Young handled it and took responsibility for what he did.  I am also glad to hear that VY and Kenny Britt look to improve on the chemistry during the 10 game stretch he was the starter.  Also I am looking forward to how Hiemerdinger can expand the offense this year with our dual threat QB and CJ2K in the backfield.


Kenny Britt

Kenny has shown promise to me as the season progressed his route running improved and his ball skills improved (especially vs. Arizona).  I think he established himself a VY's #1 target and a very good one at that.  Kenny provides that future #1 receiver which we haven't had since Derrick Mason.  Right now I believe if he continues to improve he can be a perennial 1,000 yard receiver especially with defences next year have their sights set on CJ in the backfield so he will get every opportunity to shine.  But its up to him sin which direction his career goes.


Chris Johnson

The majority of our offence came from this guy right here with these 2009 stats:

Stats Overview Rushing Receiving Fumbles
2009 358 2006 5.6 91 14 50 503 10.1 69 2 3 3

and with the drive he has to not only become the only HB in NFL history to rush for 2,000+ YDS in a season but shatter Dickerson's record by rushing for 2,500+ YDS.  Clearly one of the elite players in the NFL and I believe he will push himself to be the best HB in the NFL today because of the MVP voting last year.  I think it really irks him that he did not receive a single vote for MVP and he has done what only 6 other NFL players have managed to do in the History of the NFL.  It should be interesting to see how our offence will look next year especially with opposing defences determined to stop the run against us.


Cortland Finnegan

Finny gets his shot at being a shutdown corner by finally rotating sides so now I wont have a heart attack when we play the Texans and the Colts passing attacks.  The mere thought that we can take Andre or Reggie off their game (especially how Finny plays the position) can only serve to benefit us and allow whomever takes over the #2 CB position to face less than superstar talent right away.  In addition I have heard that Finny has been working out with Darrell Revis in the off-season in Arizona so I am very optimistic about Finny this year.


The D-Line

It's not hard to improve from where we were at last year when it came to pass rush.  Cecil was immediately thrown under fire when I believe that the defence the Titans have been running relied on a certain DT taking up two O-lineman and wasn't ready for life without him.  Our D-Line is going to have to up its intensity because we cannot beat the tougher teams on our schedule this year without any pressure on the QB, especially in the AFC South with QBs like Manning and Schaub. Here's a highlight reel of the man we expect to spend most of his time on the field in opponents backfields, our 1st Round Pick in 2010, Derrick Morgan

The Secondary

Based on the reports it seems like Alterraun Verner is the front runner for the starting job based on reports of him in training camp.  Cortland is going to have a fairly inexperienced partner for whoever wins the CB battle and opposing offences are going to be basing their passing attack at our #2 and he will have plenty of opportunities to shine.  As of right now the coaches seem high on Verner so we will have to see.  Another thing that I am hearing good things about are our Safeties.  Griffin, Hope, and Fuller are improving and it will be huge to get them to the form that they were in in 2008.  With the addition of Myron Rolle I think our secondary could be a dangerous place to throw into if they get back to the form they were in in 2008.

Rennie Curran

With Bulluck gone there will be a huge hole at OLB to fill and Curran I think might step up early and shine.  He is an undersized linebacker and led the SEC in tackles last year.  If he can learn the defensive system and take tips from veterans Tulloch and Witherspoon he can be a very good LB in the NFL and can become a difference early in the Titans D.


Damian Williams

After looking at video of this guy I can't find anything wrong with him and for the life of me can't figure out how he went in the 3rd Round.  He has speed, good route running, good hands, and a very good returner.  He had the luxury of playing with Mark Sanchez, many thought (after he was taken by the Jets) Williams production would fall off as freshman Matt Barkley took over.  His production did exactly the opposite, it improved.  Now there are two explanations either it was Barkley or Williams that made Williams' stats and I have a hard time believing a freshman QB could be that good that early in his career.  He could easily become our #2 next to Britt and force teams to have to split their focus to more than just our backfield


Marc Mariani

Generally when you mention the words Titans and receiver, it doesn't strike fear into opponent's defences but from what I have heard about this kids ability and work ethic are nothing short of spectacular.  This kid reminds me (unfairly) of Wes Welker or a Steve Largent, he's moderatly fast, with great route running, and good hands. I've heard that this kid does nothing but exceed expectations and I look forward to the Seattle game to see what he can do.


Rusty Smith

When I heard that Tennessee took this kid I had no idea who he was and until yesterday I haven't heard much about him.  He's a pocket passing quarterback being mentored by KC and CS in the art, he's accurate and has a fairly good arm.  I am looking forward to see what this kid can do in our first pre-season game and through the duration of the pre-season.

I included video of draft picks to give you guys an idea of what that player is like on the field if you have not seen them and draw up your own opinions about them.   Well, that's who I think will make a difference in 2010 and if you have any  others I skipped over, so please don't hesitate to comment.

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