MCM Play of the Week (Week 2 Preseason)


This week's contest is pretty much for second place (much like a cheeseburger eating contest with Lendale White(Oh snap! Did he just make a Lendale/cheeseburger joke 2 weeks in a row?!?! Yes. Yes I did.)), but there's some cool videos anyways! gave me a little more material to work with, and Titans Radio gave me about the same as last week. Hopefully, when the season starts, I'll have audio to match with every video, because God knows we don't want to listen to Jon Gruden anymore.

Videos after the jump...

A. Young to Stevens 30-yard Pass.

After some very lackluster drives, Vince Young comes out with this gem of a pass to Craig Stevens. This is probably the best "touch" pass I've ever seen from Young, throwing it off his back foot nonetheless. Craig Stevens looks like he'll probably be getting more snaps than Jared Cook this season, especially if Cook can't find a way to be more consistent.

B. Chris Johnson 8-yard TD Run.

This play capped off a nice drive by the whole offense. CJ showed that he still has that burst of speed to cut through the hole. Nice blocking by David Stewart and Bo Scaife on the edge.

C. Vince Young 10-yard Run.

Oh, Vince.

D. Lavelle Hawkins 22-yard Run.

The Hawk has taken flight! I really hope we use him this season. He's put in tons of work, with a little help from Derrick Mason, this offseason and deserves some playing time. I don't know which player should be more embarrassed: The guy who got hurdled or the guy who saw Hawkins jump and still completely missed him.

E. Samkon Gado 4-yard TD Run.

If we decide to keep 4 RBs (5 including Ahmard Hall), I wouldn't mind seeing this guy on the roster. I'd still take Blount over him, just for the simple fact that Blount has tons of potential, and we already know what we'll get out of a guy like Gado. The one thing you should grasp from this is that Alvin Pearman sucks. He better not make this roster. I know he will but I just don't like the guy. I don't know why but I just don't.

F. LeGarrette Blount 18-yard Run.

That's what we need to see from the big guy. He's got some really quick feet for a guy his size, which is what makes him so intriguing. Although the second run in the video didn't count because of a holding penalty, it was still a really pretty run.

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PS: I really wish there was a video out there of the tackle that Ahmard Hall made on a punt return late in the second quarter. What he was still doing on special teams that late in the game, I have no idea, but holy poop do I love that guy.

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