2500 yards rushing is awesome but not realistic.

Along with his boast of wanting to reach 2500 yards this season. And being the overall number one draft pick in every fantasy draft in the world.  I will propose that going for 2500 yards will be awesome. But reaching 1500 yards this season will be historic.  Why historic?  No 2000 yard rusher, has ever gained 1500 yard the next year.  Listed below is the five previous 2000 yard rushers. Also listed is their record year and the following season.  The games played that year and the difference of yardage between the two seasons.

O J Simpson 1973 2003 yards  14 games played  1974 1125 yards  14 games played     -878 #

E. Dickerson  1984 2105 yards 16 games played  1985 1234 yards   14 games played    -871

B. Sanders    1997  2053 yards  16 games played  1998 1491 yards  16 games played    -562

T. Davis          1998  2008 yards  16 games played  1999      67 yards   4 games played     -1941

J. Lewis          2003 2066 yards   16 games played  2004 1006 yards   12 games played   -1060

C. Johnson    2009 2006 yards   16 games played  2010  ???????


# The NFL played  14 games from 1960-1977. Expanded to 16 in 1978.

Only hall of famer Barry Sanders came tantalizingly close to 1500 rushing yards the next season.  The others battled increased defensive focus and injuries the next season.   CJ will have a target on his back every time he hits the field this season. I love his swagger with the 2500 yard boast. But 1500  yards will be more achieve able and historic because no one has done it the next year.  Plus if CJ did rush for 2500 yards that means the passing game is extinct and he is the only weapon on the offensive side.  Finally the number of carries has to start adding up even on CJ. Last year he carried the ball 358 times which is right below the magic number of 370 carries according to  statistical information gurus at  Once a running back goes over 370 carries for the year, his production for the next season is lower. In 2008, Michael Turner had 1700 yards on 376 rushes. Last year was a disappointment for him with 896 yards on 178 carries due to him being on the injured list all season long. A healthy CJ means the Titans have a chance to win. A CJ bouncing from active to inactive every week means the Titans are in trouble. 

Run CJ run, just keep it under 370 carries.

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