Titans Training Camp Report - 1 August 2010

Before I get into my Day Two Camp Report, I want to collectively thank all of you who expressed encouragement and/or appreciation of my reports. I love doing it, but it is much more rewarding for me when you guys like it. Keep the feedback coming.

Anyway, on to the report:

Superficially, today was just like yesterday: started with punt drills on field three, O-Line individuals with Coach Mike Munchak, and D-Line individuals with Coach Jim Washburn. As I'll likely continue doing, I started my afternoon at camp watching Washburn work with his guys. Their enthusiasm was noticeably higher today. I even saw a patented Dave Ball Celebration Move™: invisible basketball figure-8 between the legs to pull-up jumper.

Before individual drills finished I moved over to field three to watch the Linebackers and Safeties work coverage drills against the Running Backs and Tight Ends with Quarterbacks throwing. A short time later the QBs and skill position players moved into 7-on-7 drills, which should really be called 6-on-7 drills because there is no center snapping the ball, just an assistant.

As Paul Kuharsky notes here, the defense did well in the drill given their disadvantage. Incidentally, if you aren't reading Kuharsky's AFC South blog on the Mothership, then you might be a Ravens fan.

As the team moved into 11-on-11, I noticed one very vocal fan to my far right. I'm sure this individual was well intentioned, but, in my experience anyway, human beings respond to positive reinforcement much better than they do to negative criticism.

So when this fan began yelling at Nate Washington to catch the ball this season, Mr. Washington became irritated and responded to the fan. This exchange led to was I'm going to call the EPIC FAIL quote of the day. Said Nate Washington, "I make too much for you to get to me." This said, of course, after the fan had clearly gotten to Mr. Washington.

You'll be happy to know that 11-on-11 started well for the offense. The defense sent a Chris Hope blitz, and the offense had the perfect play called: RB Screen to Chris Johnson on the SS side. CJ took it to the house. I'm telling you now, the offense is going to be good.

The 11-on-11 period was the source of the EPIC WIN quote of the day. That now-storied exclamation was from my hero, Jim Washburn: "Go on! Strip it! He won't punch you!" This is why you need to be at training camp if you can. Jim Washburn is a national treasure.

As you probably already know, Marc Mariani, #83, has been the surprise of camp thus far. There's been but one catch he hasn't made. He's caught every punt and every other pass thrown his direction, including one sideline layout catch that was jaw-dropping. He will play on Sundays, guaranteed.

That's all for Titans Camp Day Two. Sorry it took so long to get online. Hope you enjoy!

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