Open Letter to the 53* Man Roster

Hell, the practice squad too, why not? 

Long story short, as fans, we need to see effort. If you've mailed it in, well that's just not cool. If there's one thing I can't tolerate as a football player it's lack of effort. I don't know for a fact if you've given up on the season or not, but be assured that if you have and continue to display it with your play, we're going to have a problem on our hands. I'm not the voice of the entire community when I say that I need to call you out for this, but I do know that I represent the community when I say that more effort needs to be shown.

So how 'bout it boys? What's it gonna be? Mail it in and lose our respect? or play your collective asses off and earn it back?

Maybe you think I'm being unfair, after all, I'm not an NFL player, I couldn't have any possible idea of how hard it is to give 100% every single week. That would take a super human effort, am I right? Of course I am, playing in the NFL is one of the most physically demanding and draining professions in the world,. 

However, I can easily say that if I showed up and played with the same heart that you have for the past week or two, that I would be out of my starting spot and off the team faster than you can say "we got embarrassed by the sparkle cats". 

I don't know if this is Fisher's fault, I assume it is though. His "aw shucks" attitude has given him the enabler image that stings this franchise with nasty backlash. Sure, he might be a pretty esteemed coach, but to keep giving him second chances because he's been here awhile seems like re-electing a candidate because we're afraid of change. Is that the problem here? Are we afraid of change? I hope that's not the case. In fact, there's nothing wrong with change as long as it's in the right direction. Some guy named Churchill gets props for that quote, I know exactly what he was saying and I think that you do too. If you don't, don't look for me to explain it, you're a hopeless goon.

Every Monday, I go to school as an easy target. I'm the Titans fan. I get stuff hurled at me metaphorically and literally for defending you guys and this is what you're going to do? Not giving me much to work with here guys, not much at all. How do I defend this? How do I look someone in the eye and say "well at least they're trying!" Oh that's right, I can't, because they're not and it's becoming more painfully obvious after every series. 

I hate to tell myself this stuff, I'd love nothing more than for you guys to prove me wrong, but this is a situation in which I'm going to be the asshole that calls out his favorite team, not because they're under performing, not because they have a media-circus atmosphere, not because they lost to the goddamn Redskins, but because they just don't care anymore. 

I refuse to believe that a team that controls it's on playoff destiny could go out there fired up and put on a show like that against a divisional opponent. It was like watching last year's team that didn't have a shot in hell during those first six weeks. 

I don't expect this FanPost to change anything. It would be naive of me to think that I could single-handedly change the way a team plays by telling them that I'm not happy on the internet, but it's something that I've got to say; stop making stupid drops, play to the whistle, block hard, fire out low, and wrap the hell up, maybe you'll get lucky.

Please guys, prove me wrong, I love this team to death and will be loyal to it no matter what but it hurts me to think that you wouldn't even have enough personal pride to dispatch of a pathetic team like the Jags or Skins but until you show me otherwise it's what I'm inclined to believe.

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