Titans vs. Chiefs: Five Questions with Arrowhead Pride

Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride was nice enough to answer 5 questions about his Kansas City Chiefs for us.

As a fantasy owner of Jamaal Charles I was frustrated with the way he was used a lot of times. Do Chiefs fan feel that he should be getting the ball more? Has the coaching staff given any reasons for why he gets the amount of touches he does?

There are plenty of Chiefs fans who feel he should get the ball more. Are you familiar with the "Free Jamaal Charles" movement? The coaching staff is pretty secretive about all that but here's what we know: Thomas Jones is and has been a productive player so getting him touches isn't necessarily a bad thing. Jamaal Charles has had minor shoulder issues in his career so there's perhaps some concern he can't handle a full load. But the ultimate reason these guys split carries is because the Chiefs wanted both of them to be as fresh as possible in December and January. It's looking like that's the case.

The Chiefs seem to have more players from the SEC than any other team in the NFL. Do you think that is just the way things have fallen in the draft, or is there another reason?

I think GM Scott Pioli really likes SEC players but who wouldnt? Pioli likes to say he wants to build a "big, strong, fast and disciplined" team. That sounds like the SEC to me. They picked up a few in this latest draft from Tennessee, Ole Miss and Alabama. I'd expect that trend continues.

Who is the best player on the Chiefs that we have never heard of?

Brandon Carr. He's the other corner opposite Brandon Flowers. He's having really a pretty solid season that people aren't noticing because Flowers' year is outstanding. Carr doesn't do any one thing particularly excellent but he's just solid all the way around. He breaks up a lot of passes which I'm sure we'll see on Sunday because the Titans have no choice but to test him.

How will the Chiefs go about stopping Chris Johnson?

Chiefs coach Todd Haley has already said stopping CJ is the No. 1 priority. The Chiefs are a pretty disciplined defense and I think you get those 75 yard touchdown runs with undisciplined football so I think the big runs will be an emphasis and they'll be eliminated. If Johnson's going to beat the Chiefs, it's going to be 5, 6 and 7 yards at a time. Last week the Chiefs held Steven Jackson to 67 yards on 19 carries and he's one of the better backs int he league. The Chiefs run defense was solid early and has been up and down lately so stopping CJ is far from a sure thing.

Write the headline in Monday's Tennessean.

Chiefs Topple Titans At Arrowhead Thanks To Jamaal Charles

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