Week 16 - Who to root for

In case you've been living under a rock, you know that we still have a shot at a playoff spot  a chance at a playoff spot a million to one shot of making the playoffs. When you factor in that our hopes and dreams this week are in the hands of Kerry Collins, Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman who are a combined 15 point underdogs it makes you feel good that atleast you're not a Texans fan.

But I refuse to look at the draft when their is still a crack in the playoff door. 

So without futher ado here's who you need to root for this week

Drum roll please...


Carolina @ Pittsburg (-15) The Steelers have already clinched a playoff spot and the Panthers only need ten more wins to get in. John Fox seems like a good guy, I'd like to see him go out with a bang


Dallas @ Arizona (+7) I bet when they set this game up for Christmas Day they thought it would be a good game.


Detroit @ Miami (-3.5) I bet the Lions are happy their playing in Miami this week instead of the cold outdoor stadiums in their division.


Baltimore @ Cleveland (+4) Have you seen this letter yet. Looks a little fishy but if its real, it was actually the Raven franchise that wrote it. A case of Old Spice for Cleveland if they win.


San Francisco @ St. Louis (-2) Wow this is a meaningful game in December, who knew.


New England @ Buffalo (+9) Maybe a Buffalo win cold help knock the pats out of the #1 seed. I simply hate the Patriots and want to give any team a better shot at beating them in the playoffs.


Washington @ Jacksonville (-7) Ok a game that matters, We need Sexy Rexy to play like Donavan McNabb circa 2005 and David Garrard to play like Rex Grossman (any year). A Jacksonville win and we need one of those mind erasers for this season.


New York Jets @ Chicago (-1) When we get in the playoffs we're either hosting the Jets or Ravens. A Jets lose means we could have some revenge on the ratbirds for 2008. But you know what they say, Give Rex Ryan a foot and he's occupied for hours.


Tennessee @ Kansas City (-5) Why we're not the favorite here I don't know, don't the odds makers know what happens when we lose 6 in a row. Obviously we need a win here.


Indianapolis @ Oakland (+3) I think Oakland has a legitimate shot here, (not if it was in Indy) remember they knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs last year. We need a Colts loss but nobody here would cheer for the colts anyway.


San Diego @ Cincinnati (+7.5) Go Bengals, if they beat the chargers really quickly and word get back to KC the chiefs will just lay down in the fourth quarter. It's a sound theory.


Houston @ Denver (+3) Tim Tebow starting makes Houston the Vegas favorite in Denver after being officially out of the playoffs? I’ll bet on the interim coach against the soon-to-be unemployed coach.


Then there's a bunch of NFC games that don't matter although the Vikings should help Vick with his MVP campaign.


New York Giants @ Green Bay (-3), Seattle @ Tampa Bay (-6), Minnesota @ Philadelphia (-14),

New Orleans @ Atlanta  (-3)


Really only 3 games matter this weekend, the rest is just my senseless rambling and no you can not have that five minutes back.

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