My Thoughts....

Having been a fan of this franchise for most of my life I will say this isn't the lowest point I've seen this team, but it is pretty close. are several thoughts that I have:

1. It was nice to see them play with some heart and fire on Thursday.  I think we just do not have a lot of talent on the roster.  Sure there are good players, but there are good players on every NFL team.  We just don't have the playmakers that it takes to be a great team.

2. Randy Moss- the playmaker comment leads me to him.  Wow, not sure what the deal is.  Everything seems that his effort and attitude are in the right place.  I respect the way he has handled the situation.  I'm sure there is some reason why he isn't seeing the field now, but I don't think it's any discipline.  I think it must be he just isn't fitting our system, we will have three more weeks of him and then he will go far, far away.

3. Kenny Britt- I absolutely hated that he wore the VY towel the other night.  C'mon, that's a slap in the face of your coach.  Agree or disagree with the situation, agree or disagree with your coach, you just can't do something like that.  He has to show some maturity.  He has a world of talent...I hope he doesn't waste it.

4. Vince Young- I will respect the moratorium that's been put on this issue. 

5. The Defense- I think this is a bad defense.  I have thought this all year.  Early on we were able to shut down the run, but the pass killed us.  Now, we can't stop either.  I think the d goes for the big play....trying to force a fumble or make the big hit instead of just making a tackle.  For those of you that remember Chuck Cecil as a player, that was his M.O.  He was very aggressive, often over aggressive.  It's okay if one player is like that, but 11 doesn't work.  I am so tired of the defensive penalties.  It is ridiculous.  An NFL team can't give away that many yards and expect to win.  No matter what happens with the coaching staff in the offseason, Cecil has to go.  It's time to replace Hope, Finnegan needs to learn to tackle, Tulloch needs to spend the offseason with the team.  At least we have Verner and Jones.

6. The Offense- Okay, we don't have a QB, that is obvious.  I hope both of our main QB's are off the roster next season.  It's time to go a different direction.  The line has been a disappointment. That was a strength last year, this season they have been full of mistakes.  CJ finally looked like himself on Thursday.  He ran hard, hit the holes, and looked really good.  It was nice to see that player back.  Our receivers aren't horrible and the tight ends are descent.  We have a lot of room for improvement.  And please, let Bo Scaife go.  I actually like him, but did not like what he did over the Summer and he has proven he isn't worth the money.

7. Coach Fisher- I have held this one for last.  I am a big time Fisher supporter.  Always have.  Always will be.  I do think it's time he moves on though.  LIke the QB situation, we need to go a different direction.  I have no doubt that if he stays, it will get turned around in a couple of years....but I think people are tired of it having to get turned around.  He has lost them somewhere....Eddie George, Steve McNair, Frank Wycheck, Blaine Bishop, etc... they aren't walking through that door to play anymore.  They bought in to Fisher's philosophy and style.  It's obvious that a lot of the current players haven't. I laugh when I read about the poor playoff record.  I don't think there is a single postseason loss that can't be justified. We were rolling against the Ravens two years ago before CJ got hurt.  Those things happen.  Sure I wish he had gone for it on 4th and 1 the other night.  But I don't see that in any way as him quitting.  I think he played the percentages (not that I agreed) and gave the defense a chance to stop them.  It was the wrong choice, but I'm sure it eats at him a lot more than it does any of us.  I was more upset that he didn't kick the FG once we got inside the 35 at the end of the game.  I was yelling that 3 plays before the announcers were.  We have a great kicker, let him put one through and give yourself a chance to win.  There was still 45 seconds or so left. 

8.  Rest of the Season- I can never sit and hope we lose a game, it's just not in me.  However....losing out will get us a better draft pick and an easier schedule next year.  Had we not scored a late TD against Seattle last year in week 17, we would have played Cleveland and Buffalo instead of Denver and Miami this year and would have probably had the 10th pick in the draft.  Again, you can't hope for that as a fan....but it will make the beat down we get a little more bearable.

9. It will be a very interesting offseaon, I'm glad I have this site to go and keep up on the action.  Keep up the good work everyone!

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