Titans vs. Texans Open Game Thread Roll Call


Stats after the jump.

Roll Call: trevor2013, Titans809, ericjosephson, JimR, Pinoy Titan, rsikes, hal41605, Knoxvillage, studd2314, Los Blancos Chicca, zackmann, Longhornlegend, charmando, BonzosMontreaux, AntiguanTitan, asbestos_man, TennesseeTyrants, carlostable, TitansJonne, z24lax, LeftHandedTexan, gotitans27, Lobotomyze, titansfan615, RhiNo6705, jagbmg, J3G77, TitansFaninColtsCountry, vito100, JBORO36, titansfanastic1982, jmkiii58, F1 Titan, PocketfullofPoseys, Antoniemey, pragmaticjack, StPrattrick, Dagger22, WinnipegTitanFan13, jayosanne, cj2k, stetix01, ElectricScissors, danielreese05, rothbard, Aditya T (smashville), SuperHorn, Joy kat, Alway Learning, Jimmy, Big Bad Bulluck, amagertitans, phileyoung, Change, JTx3, fanoftheunderdogs, TattedTI, DannoE, TexansForever, titansfan7, ColoradoTitan, nolesbroncos3456, crazylegs28, cj-beastmode, 54, StupidFresh_11, August West, MrDeeboi33, HoustonOilers#1, 12thTitan, TITANS 'n LAKERS FaN 4 Life, Jabomber, nolander, TN_Brewer, Kool Hand, chickenphish, Mcnair2VY, NickNickGlasses, datboybevans, moserine, oHIo1, TheElusiveShadow, nickv0923, eawee, 22gigantes, iHateVyAndBudAdams, rwinston, iamjackburton, titanbt53, sorakray, Fox Mulder, theologic, Ruffio, sm00thBlue, theSpaceCityKid, Chris Faulkner, ctex80, David Fucillo (Fooch), Lord_Drist, nahmorlah, BadV6Blazer, ericjh2, steeler-hater

Total Users: 103
Total Posts: 1768
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
F1 Titan 147
zackmann 95
jmkiii58 79
fanoftheunderdogs 76
TitansJonne 76
Dagger22 74
WinnipegTitanFan13 70
Big Bad Bulluck 62
12thTitan 59
StPrattrick 52
stetix01 50
RhiNo6705 49
titansfanastic1982 48
asbestos_man 46
SuperHorn 44
Jabomber 33
vito100 31
22gigantes 30
phileyoung 30
iHateVyAndBudAdams 26
rothbard 26
studd2314 26
AntiguanTitan 25
theologic 24
TennesseeTyrants 24
TitansFaninColtsCountry 23
titansfan615 21
PocketfullofPoseys 19
eawee 18
pragmaticjack 17
Change 17
TattedTI 17
JTx3 16
trevor2013 13
Alway Learning 13
Los Blancos Chicca 13
danielreese05 13
Pinoy Titan 13
ColoradoTitan 12
TheElusiveShadow 11
Aditya T (smashville) 11
Mcnair2VY 10
Knoxvillage 10
cj2k 10
hal41605 9
oHIo1 9
LeftHandedTexan 8
jayosanne 7
DannoE 7
nolander 7
charmando 7
Lobotomyze 7
August West 6
HoustonOilers#1 6
NickNickGlasses 6
titansfan7 6
TN_Brewer 5
JimR 5
Jimmy 5
titanbt53 5
gotitans27 5
Joy kat 5
Titans809 4
54 4
MrDeeboi33 4
carlostable 3
theSpaceCityKid 3
TexansForever 3
ctex80 3
StupidFresh_11 3
moserine 2
Fox Mulder 2
rwinston 2
sorakray 2
ericjh2 2
nickv0923 2
amagertitans 2
J3G77 2
ericjosephson 2
Antoniemey 2
rsikes 1
Longhornlegend 1
sm00thBlue 1
Chris Faulkner 1
David Fucillo (Fooch) 1
steeler-hater 1
BadV6Blazer 1
nahmorlah 1
Lord_Drist 1
Ruffio 1
z24lax 1
crazylegs28 1
cj-beastmode 1
Kool Hand 1
chickenphish 1
nolesbroncos3456 1
ElectricScissors 1
datboybevans 1
jagbmg 1
iamjackburton 1
BonzosMontreaux 1

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