Houston Texans Players to Watch

The Tennessee Titans (5-5) will take on the Houston Texans (4-6) this Sunday at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX.  The Texans enter the game with the leagues worst defense giving up an average 28.7 points per game and 408.8 yards per game.  The Texans run a 4-3 defensive scheme that is similar to the Titans 4-3.  The Texans boast a very good offense that averages 24.4 points per game and 369.9 yards per game.  The Texans have switched to more balanced offense compared to what they had last year and can be compared to an offense like the New Orleans Saints or the New York Jets.  Now your players to watch this Sunday:

Andre Johnson

Arguably the best receiver in the game today.  His route running ability is stunning, his speed is deceptive, his size is that of Randy Moss', and his leaping ability is only comparative to that of Randy Moss.  Normally he is a nightmare to cover for any defensive back.  But lucky for us we have the one CB who has covered him exceptionally well for the time he has been here and is probably the person Andre the Giant hates more than anyone else in the word, Cortland Finnegan.  


Arian Foster

The Texans finally have a running back that con balance their offense out in Foster.  He is your typical north-south and between the tackles runner who has a nose for the endzone with 13 total TDs this season.  He is also not bad as a pass catcher as he is second on the team in receiving yards with 378.  His pass blocking is shaky and his ball handling is average at best but he's good enough to reach 1,008 yards rushing this season.  The Titans will have to be sure tacklers this Sunday in order to keep this guy in check.


Matt Schaub   

Schaub is the perfect QB to run the Texans' offense.  He's accurate, possesses that quick release, he's aware in the pocket, he follows hi progressions, HE DOESN'T STORM OUT ON HIS TEAM WHEN THEY LOOSE (*cough*VY*cough*), and he knows where his playmaker is on the field at all times.  However he is easily rattled after a good pass rush is established.  If you watched the Giants vs. Texans game earlier this season once the giants pass rush got going the Texans imploded which resulted in a 34-10 beat down.  The Titans will need their D-Line to step up in a huge way on Sunday in order to give our offense a chance to win the game.


Honorable Mentions:

Mario Williams, Brian Cushing, DeMeco Ryans, Neil Rackers, Anyone playing TE for the Texans


Keys to Victory:

  • Titans Defense needs to make it easy on Rusty
  • Titans KR/PR giving Rusty a short field
  • Create Turnovers
  • Play to win the game!
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